In Mumbai everyday 21 people are dying due to TB specialists of this accepted it as the most extremely resistant form. This TB is of that which reactivates and not infects though 1/3rd staff of the TB Hospital (Sewri, Mumbai) which considered the biggest hospital in Asia for TB, died due to this because of contracted infection from the patients. The reason to which was speculated as the lack of special masks which are supposed to protect a person from getting infected to TB. This news was a terrifying, published recently in a leading daily newspaper 'The DNA', Mumbai. Whether the actual cause of TB is really the TB germs or are the various other factors including environmental conditions?
The modern techniques, particularly which are defining the causes as TB or AIDS through the ELISA and PCR tests are not 100% correct or foolproof, then why such kind of costly testings should be considered as proof. One more thing which is doubtful now, AIDS is not a natural disease though it may having a hidden link between TB, Leprosy and or Syphilis. Yes indeed my clinical experience prompts me this. It is because all these 3 mysterious diseases are in relation to each other, one may call them as first cousins or distant since are producing similar kind of destructive lesions with little differences. Whether the causes to TB, Leprosy and AIDS are psychosomatic where the germs may be the products of such situations and not to causes to them, therefore why to waste public precious money in killing germs. It is also because with all 100% measures to prevent and to treat TB (tuberculosis) which is also called as the king of all diseases is here while syphilis and leprosy are not so much in existence though we do not have any vaccines to protect from them.
The most reliable modern test to diagnose such infections is ELISA and which is believed to speculating the cause though not finding as per evidence which is required for the medical fitness. Only God knows what is right and what is wrong. ELISA is an enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay which can only measure those enzymes whose roles are required in acute stages of such kind of disease or conditions which are may be environmental or situational. God knows again whether are we suffering humanity or creating problems rightly or wrongly through such tests.
PCR test is another most sophisticated and costly diagnostic test for TB, AIDS and various other infectious diseases and which is Polymerase Chain Reaction which is in fact a branched DNA signal amplification and which is based on a technique which was developed in a motor garage in USA not in a medical laboratory. PCR or branched DNA signal amplification can only reveal high level of a infectious disease which like HIV, AIDS, TB, Typhoid, Dengue or Malaria. It is also a known fact that due to this falls report can also be occurring. In the sense the testing for other also same sexually transmitted diseases like Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and or Syphilis would also be doubtful or even culture for Gonorrhea in which homeopaths, if allopath talk of infection, homeopaths talk of suppressed infection. According to suppressed gonorrhea may be resulting into a mysterious condition. The modern PCR tests cannot define the actual cause because of overlapping of antigens, hence therefore why should such kind of tests considered as a proof.

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