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Is it energy like electricity or a flow of thoughts and or otherwise action, or is it a force which can be developed through exercise and good nutrient food? Electricity can be generated by rotating two electrodes with equal and opposite forces in opposite directions of each other. Same effect can also be achieved by frictions of two chemicals with equal and opposite nature or with the frictions of two magnets. Electricity can also be produced in the body of certain animals and plants through a natural way. One example of such is electric fish which gives an electric like shock if you touch this mysterious fish which is known as electric fish.
However, electricity is not a force though having a shock action of energy i.e. force, but on the contrary the vital force is also having the sense of actions and judgement to along with the electrical energy of this fish and with the actions like shocks. Now the question is, how this kind of energy is producing whether is from the food, air or water, from your own will, from the mind or heart like will power or from the power of tolerance. Whether generates from the liver, an important vital organ.
The ancient Arab physicians termed this as ‘Quvvat-e-Rayeesa’. In Arabic Quvvat is force and Rayeesa means important (organ). While Dr. Kent links this to a Divine supreme connection, where he talks about this by saying that it is coming from the infinity. And due to which Kent got the label of a religious person. His views were not considered as scientific. As for as naturopathic physicians are being concerned most of them also linked this vital energy to a causal source, which is coming from somewhere in the infinity.
Now, what modern science is defining about energy is that in the infinity inside the sun, in every seconds explosions are occurring because of the frictions of various gases and chemicals. Such explosions release vibrations and which travel in a rhythmic way i.e. like a (lay which is rhythm of music, 1234-1234 and Tak dhinak dhin of Indian music). In short according to modern science these are the waves which bring us energy, our planets take this through their actions of photosynthesis and we take same either directly or through the plants by eating them in form of fruits and vegetables.
In addition to this modern science of naturopathy is relating this in form of two sets of energy, one which we get directly from the sun other from the reflections of these waves or rays which are when falling on the moon return back on the earth. And this is what our ancient scientists (Rishis and Munis) had defined them Suryadhara and Chandradhara. Chinese have mentioned the same as Yang and Yen. Surya means sun, Chandra means moon, as per Chinese Yang is a sun while Yen is moon. One is with hot energy another is with cool. As per these two waves the system of our hormones is varying depending upon the type of food.
So my dear friends, follow the basic philosophy of Indian Vedic science which today we know is as naturopathy. How the food is relating with the disease or disease forces or with the immunity of a person. All is very clear if we could understand the language of chakras which in Indian vedic science have been nomenclature as seven in numbers and also the sets of two energies which are coming from the infinity there will be no fight whether Kent was right or wrong, this is our own understanding or ignorance that we cannot understand the mystery of nature.

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