Rheumatoid Arthritis is a systemic syndrome in which inflammation of the joints caused by auto antibodies where our own immune system is responsible for that and which is the major and mysterious feature of this disease. Our conventional allopathy knows only how to relieve pains and pathos of such patients since its pathological changes are being arising from a variety of causes, known or unknown. One more characteristic point is such lesions comes symmetrically and most of the times begin in the peripheral joints of hands and feet where the characteristic features are inflammation of the Synovial membranes of those joints which gives soreness and painful swelling of them. It leads to destruction of those affected joints, is often associated with the presence of rheumatoid nodules occurring in the subcutaneous tissues over those joints particularly in their tendons of those joints.
As in this the clinical picture is variable and also may be incomplete so many cases would not show such nodules. Yet one more characteristic feature where the cause is unknown is that females are more prone to get this disease. Most of the time it begins symmetrically either from knees or of the small joints of hands begins with soreness, gradually take a form of chronic and then to destructive inflammatory or infectious lesions. Finally wasting of the muscles with formation of subcutaneous nodules where the main diagnostic features for old Allopaths while Ayurvaids call this as Sandhi Vaat or Gathiya Vaat because of their destruction, while the Unani hakeems and old Greek physicians explained this, in terms of syphilitic (Balghami, which spread though lymph). In Homeopathy this would be considered as syphilitic miasmatic (destructive or inactive). May be since females are weaker sex this may be the cause of their getting this more frequently than males.
Today, modern medical science defining this mysterious conditions with reference to rheumatoid factor (RA factor) interestingly which is also in a complex form. It is not present in every case and which is the reason most of the Serological (blood) findings do not support an exact aetiology in connection to this RA factor and IgG in the cytoplasm (Lymph or Balgham) of those in which it finds. So which means olden Greek physicians (actual allopaths) were more thoughtful and right to their points where they included this as a syphilitic miasmatic conditions, homeopathy is certifying this. In their i.e. old Greek physicians version it is clearly stating where the pathogens (miasma) are being transmitted through white lymph (Balgham, Kapha) either by way of suppressed cough and cold or by transmitting by body fluids through physical contacts or sexual. For reference, ‘Al-Kanoon’ by Bu Ali Sina (Avi Cena) in Arabic (10th century publication).
Cytoplasma is a slimy yellowish white content of the blood and also of the defender cells. Cytoplasma a gel (Kapha or Balgham) like living material of the cell. Most of the modern cytometric technology are in fact defining certain antibodies or contaminations in form of morbid substances which the earlier physicians whether Arabs or Indians assumed them as doshas (Miasm of Homeopathy or Khilth of Unani).
However, certain studies of modern era from modern researchers have also shown that the presence of some morbid substances which are sole cause of confusion of immune system where it does not recognize the self and non self. And which may be (to me) because of our symptomatic medications where we do not allow or wait for the acute condition to establishment of its own defence since our mind acts on the feedback mechanism. Immune system is a system which makes us to die for the survival. For example if we are taking pain killer without knowing why pain was or if we are taking fever remedy without knowing the cause, same is applicable in cough and cold, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. So what is the role of a doctor? This kind of allopathy has made, everybody as a doctor. So if our own immune system is getting confused then who is responsible, Doctors, Patients or the government? Unfortunately the outcome of such cocktail symptomatic medication whether of allopathy, unani, ayurveda or homeopathy finally is proving most dangerous for the mankind where the victims are and will remain our new and coming generation.
Certain studies of modern era have also shown that a virus like Epstein barr (EB virus) which is like Herpes virus transmitted through body contacts and travels through lymph, which is also a gel like component of the blood and which may cause variety of problems. Though may also prevent variety of such conditions which may be linked to transmission through such gel like mediums and will affect the lymphoid cells and then affect the other lymphoid fighter cells. In short finally this is the defender cells whether B or T. If the defence of the body will get confused or would get affected which will leading a chaos like condition whether it is AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Guillain Barre Syndrome or Drug Resistant TB, Thyroid, Ovaries, Testicular, Pancreas etc. Our orthodox medical man will give on naming new names and will label them as mysterious and which is because of their understanding. In rheumatoid arthritis its speculated aetiological RA factor has been found in IgG in the cytoplasm of those defender cells, where also this was find in the fluid or in their cytoplasm. Homeopathy explains all these in one word as syphilitic miasms or syphilitic conditions. The case will be discussed in the next part of the post.

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