DrMirza Anwer Baig
Testing an auto-immune disorder through cytometry by FOW method, in fact which is defining incapability of the patient’s genetics of histo-compatibility symptoms which is a complex phenomena, the terminology of HLA-A and HLA-B are as per the nomenclature as proposed by WHO Nomenclature Committee. While books on immune-chemistry explaining them with reference to Bodmer’s findings of Homozygous inbreed and which too is of various types. In short to understand these minor or major histo-compatibility systems (H) is that this H2, minor and major, contain two classical H-2 antigens, in man which are HLA-A and HLA-B are highly morphic and would cause variety of mysterious diseases whether like Ankylosis of a joint (Gathia i.e. fixation of a joint as per Ayurvedic concept) or joints (as in Rheumatoid Arthritis).
Rheumatoid means rheumatic (Gathia Vaat) like, rheumatic is an acute systemic disease. In homeopathy which can be termed as psoric miasmatic where suppression of which would cause cardiac complications and which i.e. the lesions would shift to another joint, from one to another. In ayurveda which has been termed as Vaat dosha. Vaat is air and air don’t stay at one point so the precise diagnosis of rheumatic arthritis is difficult.
The Committee of American Rheumatism Association includes only those symptoms as rheumatoid which involve joints in a symmetric way. Ayurvadic physicians termed this as Sandhi Vaat i.e. which symmetrically begins from the small joints. In Sanskrit, Sandhi is cementing of two in a form of joints. However in typical arthritis whether rheumatic or rheumatoid, inflammation of the synovia is the main feature that begins as chronic inflammatory infiltration if would not be treated properly would proceed to a destructive inflammation and proliferation eroding the articular surface of the joint. Microscopic study of that joint or joints would show hyperplasia of the synovial of that joint with filled lymphocytes i.e. the defender cells. Lymphocytes are the cells of plasma (Lymph i.e Balgham). In such conditions the other associated features would be muscle wasting and formation of sub-cutaneous in about 20% of cases.
These sub-cutaneous nodes or nodules are small painful areas in the pulp of fingers and or toes, first defined by William Osler (1849-1919) who was though English, born in Canada. Now such nodules are believed to arise from vasculitis and are also believed because of the complex factor i.e. the end product of antigen and antibody, which may fall within the joints while circulating inside the blood vessels, ultimately, leading to Fibrinoid Necrosis and resultant tissue reach in form of Serocitis, like more enhancing infections i.e. Syphilitic miasmatic conditions of homeopathy, such as Myocarditis, Vasculitis and Periferal Neuropathy etc. May also be find or have found but since the Sera of same patients with rheumatoid arthritis contain antibody actively to a nuclear antigen and which is found only in B-cell lymphoid cell lines which also have been transformed by EBV (Ebstein Barr Virus) causing lymphomas ultimately which brings this into the category auto-immune disorder because in some patients HLA-B like factor was also found. In the sense all these are mysterious one can include them as like sycosis of homeopathy, which means more mysterious and deeply seated diseases, whether one may call them as auto immune or malignant diseases where our orthodox system has no clue to treat such accept to find some mechanical means as palliation in the name of treatment. Now here are the cases:
Case 1 :
Baba Faraz (ref. No. 77R26) was bed ridden and was diagnosed as the patient of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. His inter-phalangeal joints of hands and feet were swollen and painful so were his knees along with emaciation of his thigh muscles. The child was depressed and despaired, was accompanied with his maternal aunt (Sister of mother). What we observed that while she was describing his ailments a stage came where the reference of his mother came into discussion. He showed the signs of hatred. While asking, his aunt explained God knows why he hate his mother, all help which are being needed for a person or child asks for his aunt to help but when defecates and pass stools ask mother to clean. For a moment it was a shocking to me but when I observed the reference of his mother given by his aunt his expressions were more of a hatred. It was a puzzle for a while to me that why a child should have so much hatred for a mother. Anyhow, the very next moment I decided his remedy and the outcome of that was encouraging. The boy started moving and also enjoying his life. See his pictures of before and after.
Case 2 :
This young girl who suffered with TB and finally to rheumatoid arthritis. In this case history revealed when she was a school going child and was getting pocket money from his father who was a principal of one school, this little girl used to save that money and used to give this to her mother. History yet further revealed that her father used to torture her mother so much so that she used to feel disgust and was not finding any other help to her mother except to preserve her pocket money to give her. Whole day starving in the school she developed some kind of abdominal problems later which were diagnosed as because of due to abdominal causations. However, after sometime the orthodox doctors found a kind of cystic tumour inside her abdomen and was operated for that but from thereafter she remain sick forever. Finally came into the category of problems to which our orthodox healers relate that to some incurable disease. And hence therefore she had come to get treated for the sufferings which she was suffering since very early age. In this case we fund when she was a child had diarrhoea and was treated with our conventional medications which we call as allopathy. History yet further revealed that this child was the sufferer or the victim of our so called conventional medication of which we proud as allopathy. See her as patient and also see that she is not no more as a patient.
My dear friends, I hope you may have got the remedy but in homeopathy there are remedies like clinical, causative and also miasmatic. So guess the remedy.

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