My dear friends,
As some of you have asked me to explain ‘how mind creates body’ and more surprisingly ‘how an ego can create mind’, after reading my previous post with title ‘A Homeopath was born because of Music’.
May I begin this with the couplet of Mirza Ghaalib, a great poet of medieval India, who says –
‘Na tha kuchh to Khuda tha, na hoata kuchh Khuda hoata
Duboya mujhko hoane ne, na hoata Main toa kyaa hoata’
Here Ghaalib is asking to Creator ‘the Mind of universe’ that “when nothing was there, YOU were there”, which means “YOU would have not there nothing would have been there, but to me which has let me down, is my own Ego, therefore if YOU would have not made me nothing would have made any difference (so why you made me?).” In the sense, every individual has its own ego which make their minds, some are humble like Ghaalib, some............you can judge . If you understand this very simple aphorism of my guru Dr. EGK Menon, that ‘Mind creates body.....then Ego creates mind,’ you may also understand the basic philosophy of homeopathy. What presently we see some are very susceptible to any disease, some have no susceptibility at all.
See the dog or the dog like men who search their food in garbage but don’t get sick or any kind of disease since have no their own ego, but some may start nauseating simply by passing from there. Some will put handkerchief even after that will start discomfort and uneasiness. So these are all kind of minds. Germs or viruses do not cause any disease, on the contrary are the product of such situations and environmental conditions. Psora is what, it’s a thought, i.e. Mind and mind creates body i.e. diseases. And now Ego which is one’s own identity, if will be below the normal will be as humble as like a sent who is disease free and near to GOD, and if upper and upper than the normal which means disease and diseases, finally destruction.
Ego i.e. the self means identity creates individual’s mind and which may be of various types. That is how if Ego is creating mind, mind create diseases. If one can judge the mind of a person one can certainly treat its sufferings. In homeopathy you can see in repertories under the head of mind and see the various kinds of diseases of the body under different heads as particular and generals. As I said above that mind i.e. the thought is Psora, the outcome which we see in the body is syphilis and sycosis which is also various types. The whole science of homeopathy is between these two stands. High ego, low positivity means negativity brings destructive diseases like Hypertension, Syphilis, Diabetes, Obesity and AIDS etc. Low ego, low negativity but high positivity brings psycho-somatic diseases like TB, Leprosy and Cancer. This is the basic principle how I could reach to the discovery of my 2 nosodes (1 & 2) and which are registered under the Indian pharmacopeia as Maul Halib (from positive energy) and Maul Dum (from negative energy).
Once again salute my guru Dr. E.G.K. Menon (Edda Govindan Kutti Menon) sir whose one sentence (but delivered in two parts in a period of two years) taught me the whole philosophy and science of homeopathy. God bless him and homeopathy for the sake of mankind.

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