With reference to my dear friend Dr. L.m. Khan 's interest in Indian classical music and its therapeutic uses has reminded me of those days where we together enjoyed certain programs of such. In this context another renowned personality of Homeopathy Dr. Rajan Shankaran has also done some experiments through certain raagaas, though I have not heard him personally but the very idea of this has made me to recollect all those days and incidences one particular which was the first link which ultimately took me to the Homeopathy.
Those days, when I was in school painted few thought of Ghaalib’s poetry and which was I think the first cause of my interest in Urdu poetry where the words of couplets are like a rhymes i.e. like a music. In my college days I was very much admirer of Ghazal maestros like late Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali also Abida Parveen and Kishori Amonkar. In fact, my interest in music took me to the great Alauddin Khan saaheb (Ustad of late Pt. Ravishankar), founder of Maihar Gharana, was one of the disciple of the great great Wazeer Khan Saaheb. When I met him first, he gave me a lesson while reciting azaan (prayer calls) that music or harmony is in everything whether we understand or not. It has an effect whether in a good way or in other way, will be depending upon the harmony i.e. sur lay taal. When Salaamat Ali Khan saaheb (the great classical singer from Pakistan) came to India, my music interest forced me to become close to him. He was so impressed from my madness about classical music that he started loving me like his child. There, I met late Jagjit Singh (the great ghazal maestro) and we discussed about this whether sur came first or lay and taal. He was not having any answer to this as I was also not having.
However, later when Ghulam Ali (the great ghazal maestro from Pakistan) came to India, he became friend with me as I treated one of his accompanist who had some surgical problems and on that return he gave one evening of his ghazals on my name and there I met late Dr. F.M. Kule (a renowned homeopath). Dr. Kule introduced me to Dr. EGK Menon, and me as a homeopath was born. My Guru Dr. Menon not just treated my wife but taught me homeopathy in just one sentence and which was half. The sentence was ‘Mind creates body’ and after two years he told the mystery of remaining half ‘....then ego creates mind’. This was the whole materia medica and repertory for me.
Music contains three things one Notes (Sur or Thought). Second is Rhyme (Lay or Flow) and Third is the Beat (Taal or Rhythm). Sur acts on mind and heart while Lay makes a harmony and which also affecting over the mind and heart, while Rhythm (Taal or Beats) directly acting on the body. A child would not understand Sur or Lay but certainly will understand the Taal, this is how it will start dancing. Same happens with a person who when understanding all these 3 things Sur, Lay and Taal, he or she would also start dancing and enjoying the harmony of music. This is how music effects upon us. Such as it has a energy power like our homeopathic remedies.
In history it has been recorded that the great leader of Italy, Mussolini was suffering from insomnia, had not slept many nights but one legend classical singer from India, Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar sang a raagaa before him and made him sleep for around 20 hours. So this is the therapeutics of music. It gives harmony to the vital force but if would not be played in a harmonious way would be causing as adversely.
Homeopathic remedies which are also 3, one which more act on mind and heart, the other which acts on body and heart and the third one are those which are acting not only in mind but also on body and heart. However, to which explanations are varying as per the understanding of a person as what we are seeing in music. So what is psora, what is syphilis and what is sycosis. Psora can be seen in mind not on reports, while syphilis is visible on the reports and also on the body of the patient while sycosis will remained hidden inside deeply, sometimes which may not be seen through so called sophisticated technology. So my dear friends, our great guru the great Hahnemann has given the wide vision so that we can achieve whatever we could achieve from his observations and understandings.

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