Dear friends, will you believe that a patient will come along with his lawyer just to prove that he is alive, not dead?! He was a colonel, retired from Indian army, sitting in front of me along with his lawyer. His problem was very obstinate constipation which means even after 10-15 days he could have not passed stool and whenever at all succeeded in passing after exhorting a lot, according to him he used to feel as if had passed hot oil. In the sense what he wanted to convey that as if his stools are as soft as oil but couldn’t pass. This fellow, tall and well built but with the complaint that he is feeling weak, a sense of weariness while talking and or walking though was not looking like that i.e. weary or weak. His one more complaint that though he feel hungry but have no appetite to eat anything. In his words ‘doctor, bhookh to lagti hai par khaya hi nahi jata (Doctor, though feel hunger but have no appetite as if.).’
This is the story of around 25 years ago. What this colonel told me, was unbelievable but had to believe because of his affidavit which was endorsed and registered under the court seal. According to affidavit, he was retired and was awarded a piece of land by the Govt. somewhere in the district of Nasik of Maharashtra state. History revealed that for some paperwork he had to go to Bhuj (Gujarat), from where had his last post at the time of retirement. Unfortunately there he had been bitten by a wild dog. So as a safety measure he took privately anti-rabies vaccines but unfortunately developed some adverse effects because of reactions of those vaccines and for which he got hospitalized in a private hospital. But when he lost his funds due to heavy expenses was shifted to Govt. hospital. There, he was treated for the reactions of the vaccines but surprisingly was again vaccinated to complete its course. And due to which what was happening in the hospital that was reacting to those vaccines in form of diarrhoea and rashes along with nausea, vomiting and with respiratory distress etc.
A stage came when he went into shock due to reactions of reaction and got collapsed and finally was not showing any signs of life. The doctor concerned declared him as dead and had shifted him to the mortuary but perhaps the mortuary was also filled with dead bodies so his body was lying in waiting somewhere on the passage to the mortuary. Incidentally a staff nurse while passing from there observed some signs of life in his body so she stopped there and started examining him as if the person is really dead. The moment she realized that this person is not dead she made him awaked and asked him that ‘if you are alive pray to your God, get up, take my shawl and try to run away from here because you are already declared as dead’. After hearing this from a kind hearted nurse the colonel gathered his remaining stamina and strength and ran away from there but collapsed at the gate. A passerby tried to help him to bring him back to the hospital, but he cried ‘the doctors of this hospital are butchers and I don’t want to go back there, if you really want to helping me, take me to a vaid or hakeem (Indian physician), not to a western doctor.’ That stranger took him to some roadside homeopath that gave him some medicine and also helped in boarding the train which goes to Nasik. And this is how he could reach to his home and since there after was getting treatments from some Indian physicians only. And due to which was recouped to some extent but his constipation had not gone.
However, he got in touch to a lawyer to prove his identity and about the paperwork required for the possession of the land which was awarded to him by the Govt. Incidentally, his lawyer was my patient sometime back and he recommended him to get better treatment by bringing him to me. This is how he was sitting in front of me with his lawyer.
A single dose of a homeopathic remedy had cured this colonel, brought back his strength, he started walking and talking comfortably without weariness and tiredness. His ultimate complaint of constipation was also gone. So, my dear friends, now your turn, guess the remedy as I already has given you the peculiar and the characteristic symptoms of that. God bless you all.

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