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Couple of days ago, I saw a post shared by a mother who lost her 3yrs. old beloved child due to A.R.D.S., as explained by the authorities of that hospital where this child was undergoing treatment and was recovering from when this happened. The parents of the child are still in shock and want to know how sudden death of this child has happened, while was recovering from that disease for which was admitted. Ethically, it will not be correct to give any opinion about the case as a doctor but morally I feel to share my knowledge and experience about this mysterious condition i.e. A.R.D.S. for students, young doctors and practitioners also from what so pathy they may be belonging.
A.R.D.S., i.e. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, is an expression of the humoral defence or reaction in which the plasma proteins contribute non-specific host defends and to the inflammatory response such as bringing fever. One can also call this as a first ranking immune response which comes in form of sudden respiratory distress along with the symptoms of shock. Old allopaths used to term this as an Anaphylactic Reaction. In those days common cause was reaction to Penicillin. Now modern allopathic science is defining this as per the chemistry by finding certain proteins which termed as Anaphylatoxins which in fact are anti-bodies against certain defender cells which take parts in the first line of defence. Such as C3, C4 and C5, and therefore are naming as C3a, C4a and C5a, which are being formed by the pathogens. This is also the common cause in this era of variety of auto-immune diseases which are commonly occurring.
The general properties of Anaphylatoxins are through direct proteolytic attack by protease (an enzyme) released from tissues or cells at the site of local damage which either occur due to any infection or antibiotics (drugs) actions. Under this hypothesis in olden days some old allopaths had found Penicillin protease as life saving enzyme for penicillin reactions where deaths were due to symptoms like A.R.D.S. and for which their nomenclature for this was Anaphylactic Reaction where the person used to die in few moments. In short, Anaphylatoxins (AT) causes the release of histamine from mast cells. Mast cells contain the memory cells which decide how to fight as per this suddenly occurring critical situation. But unfortunately the misuse of anti-histamanic drugs by half allopaths has become the sole cause of such reactions. Anti-histamanics give relief by reducing rashes and allergy etc. Hence therefore A.R.D.S. and A.R.D.S. like conditions are occurring in our hospitals during the treatment and for which the respirators and corticosteroids are required. Hence it is also therefore the need is to educate such half doctors whether in the hospitals or in general. Giving relief to the itch or by suppressing eruptions or rashes is not allopathy and which may lead to such conditions whether in form of Asthma or A.R.D.S. like conditions. May God Bless our younger generation which is at the highest risk since in their memory no innate information about this have been transferred through their parents i.e. how to fight and save the life in such circumstances.
Modern researches particularly in the field of protein chemistry such toxins have been found in the epithelial lining fluids of different organs, such as inside peritoneal fluid (intestinal), plural fluid (inside lungs), peri-cardial fluid (across the heart), Burn bullae (blisters due to burns), Cerebro-spinal fluid as in Guillain Barre Syndrom or any other Viral or bacterial Meningitis, Ovarian Folicular fluid etc. etc. The defence of the body eliminates them either through vomiting, cough and cold or sweats induced by fever. So don’t blame swine flu alone which can or causing A.R.D.S.. Since this A.R.D.S. or Anaphylactic Reaction can be seen also in sepsis, infections, burns and or due to drug reactions.
In homeopathy, suppressed eruptions or rashes are being defined as the ailments under the heads of pseudo-psora, i.e. which is not psora. Psora is rashes and or itch through which the immune system is trying to throw them out on the surface or within the epithelial surface of that affected organ to fight against those pathogens i.e. non-self which are trying to enter inside the system. Psoric manifestations are also known as humoral and cellular response of the body. In humoral response by bring fever, cough, cold and rashes etc. while in cellular by forming specific anti-bodies or lysing them by fighting with those non-self. In the same way those pathogens also form antibodies against our defence and which will only taking place by such kind of symptomatic allopathic prescriptions, this is for fever, that is for itch and xyz for xyz. While in Homeopathy a rightly chosen remedy at the right time by the help of all symptoms which patient expresses will solve the problem then and there whether acute or chronic. Though acute prescriptions require lot of studies as in allopathy lot of diagnostic methods and test are needed to find out the nature of disease whether acute, sub-acute or chronic.
In case of this child which is in question, he was having severe pneumonia following a bout of cough and cold and fever which was initially treated in some hospital but when his condition did not recouped was sent to another big and well equipped hospital where was treated and diagnosed as H1N1 (Swine flu) patient. There, the child recovered and was out from the respirator but died suddenly. And that is the reason for baffling of the parents, who are asking the question why this happened? However, this case has happened in the month of February during winter, perhaps Homeopathic Arsenic would have been his remedy during that time of his crisis when perhaps was suffering with the symptoms of A.R.D.S. and was rushed to a big hospital where was kept in the respirator and lots of antibiotics must have been used to settle his infection. Perhaps, at that time he might be in need of Bryonia. Bryonia is known to bring viruses and toxins out in form of eruptions by inducing fever. The child when was recovering but not getting sleep, which would have been due to some irritation in his brain which was disturbing. Bryonia also brings out those pathogens which are known to cause meningitis, encephalitis or pneumonitis so is swine flu which also known as to causing irritation to such organs whether of the epithelium of lungs or of brain or even heart and kidneys etc.
However, I really feel very sorrow for the child and his grieved parents, may God Bless the child in heaven, peace and patience to the parents to overcome from their grief of such a high grade emotional and psychological trauma. My whole intention of this post is just is to share my knowledge and experience to tackle such grave situations so that the same story may not be repeated.

Note : The people who want to see the original post from grieved parents, the link is given below 

Arjun Jawalkar

What killed my son? - At Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital I'm beginning to get the chills as I begin to write the story of the horrific night followed by even worst a day at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. "What happened to my son?" is the question that still haunts me (Archana Jawalkar- mother) & my family; it is also the reason for sleepless nights till date. On 26th Feb 2015 at around 2:30am we were informed of a sudden unpredicted demise of my 3year old son (Arnav Jawalkar) by the hospital authorities, what followed was a nightmare for any parents. I'm writing this to get answers, from the hospital, from the nurses and the doctors who were present at the time (so far the answers I have got don't make any sense and contradict one another). Arnav was admitted to KDAH on 3rd Feb 2015 as he suffered from what was diagnosed as sever pneumonia at "Children's Hospital" (later confirmed by KDAH as H1N1) and was critical hence admitted to the PICU unit on the 8th floor of the building. We were at the hospital 24/7 waiting to hear something positive from the doctors. Over a few days the doctors informed that his condition is getting better as the blood and x-ray reports were satisfactory (compared to day of admission) and doctor confirmed the pressure on the ventilator too was decreasing (Which means he was able to then breath on his own). On the night of 25th Feb, my husband Arjun Jawalkar was with him in PICU watching TV (Chota Bheem) and left to go to the washroom. Upon his return he was shocked to see our son lying unconscious on the bed (half turned) and without the non-invasive mask and a nurse standing in a corner of the room. Arjun: "Ventilator mask was not there, I ran to inform the doctor Dr. Saleha who was on shift but not available to attend, I then got to know that she was sleeping in the bunker room. So I ran towards doctors' room (Bunker room) where I found her and told her about Arnav's condition. Doctor and some nurse then went to attend Arnav and in some time the doctor came up to me to inform we couldn't save him. Dr. Preetha Joshi said it was unexpected." Doctors used to put Arnav on sedation at night so that he can sleep well. On the night of 25th Feb, they did not give him the sedation, sister was trying to get Arnav to sleep but he wasn't getting any sleep so sister decided to get him to sleep on his stomach (not good for an asthmatic child) and started patting on his back (Even more dangerous for him) I even asked sister to put him on sedation instead which she did not. The reports that were handed over to us state the reason for demise as ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) & sever pneumonia however it was shocking to read the article in newspaper after few days which read the reason for demise was H1N1 (swine flu). Base of suspicion of negligence- When my husband (Arjun) returned from the washroom to see Arnav lying unconscious on the bed there was also a nurse standing in the corner of the room and did not move at all to call the doctor (looked in shock) Why wasn't there a doctor available in PICU? Why isn't there a CCTV camera in PICU? Why are doctors lying to us now- Archana (mother) asked Dr. Saleha why was Arnav made to sleep on his stomach to which Dr. Saleha responded saying it's impossible to do that however Arjun was present when this happened. Why is hospital not allowing the parents to meet the sister to confront her of her actions Did I lose my son to a sister's negligence or is it because the doctor was not available at the right time or is it the hospital authorities who did not have enough staff to attend to patients in PICU? Surprisingly there are no cameras in the PICU and the sister who last attended my son has been acting very suspicious as she openly denied the fact that she did turn Arnav on his stomach and pat on his back to get him to sleep. I don't know what happened to my son or what killed my son but definitely see a whole lot of mess at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital which needs an immediate fix. Yours truly, Archana Jawalkar (Mother of late Arnav Jawalkar)

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