Doll's Eyes Sign is the sign of medical atrocities where liver become toxic. Doll's Eyes i.e. the eyes of a particular doll where its eyes are moving, if turned on one side will become open and closed if turning on the other side. This sign has a significant importance in the cases of coma if the cause is hepatic (liver). In this condition which is also known as hepatotoxicosis induced by drugs like antibiotics and or chemo whether are being given for TB or cancer. Most of such drugs are hepatotoxic, if being used in the hands of half doctors.
Today's major problems of mankind are, in our conventional medical system, in what so pathy majority of doctors only know the usage of drugs as per drug to a disease without knowing about the drug. Majority of allopathic drugs are hepatotoxic (damaging liver) since are in form of chemicals. If liver fails to metabolize them it will get affected itself in the process of eliminating them from within the body.
In my last post 'Oncologist accepted the superiority of homeopathy', I have seen this Doll's Eyes Signs in the photographs of the child which were sent to me by my daughter Dr. Rozina Zaheer. These photographs were taken by the father of the child while this boy was undergoing examination by a neuro-physician who had been called by the oncologist concerned. Other than Doll's Eyes Sign he also tested his testicular reflexes which were looking as if are made of wax but were showing the response (See in the photographs). All these made the doctor concerned to realise that now nothing can be done since the liver has become poisonous. And which was the reason the father had consulted a homeopath, i.e. Dr. Rozina.
Doll's Eyes Sign plus testicular reflexes if are positive means the person in coma having some sense deep inside within the system which we call as vital force. Here what I saw was not just my prediction but I have also seen in the prescriptions of my guru Dr. EGK Menon. Thuja brings the original condition into action. Thuja is an anti-psoric as well as anti-sycotic remedy and can activate the sinking energy of a vital force. Look in this child who was suffering with psoric ailments in form of recurrent fevers at times which were very high suggesting some viral origin in the background. But the child was receiving antibiotics and antibiotics one after another for a long period. So he developed lymphoid leukemia (syphilitic miasm or the affection of white lymph). And after treated vigorously for this condition his liver (bile or yellow lymph) got affected. He developed coma because of the hepatotoxicosis caused by chemo therapy and antibiotics. Bile is a fire which ascends up, if reaches to heart would cause heart affections, if to brain would produce neurological conditions. In Homeopathy this mysterious miasmatic condition is sycosis, while in Ayurveda it is Pitta dosha and in Unani it is Safraah. In short these are the 3 miasmatic conditions which are leading into different kind of problems of the mankind.
So my dear friends, the basic thing in medical science is your study and experience. It is also therefore whatever studies and researches were happened, made or discovered in the field of medical science whether of Ayurveda and Unani or Allopathy, Homeopathy as well. This zeal helps in discovering the new ways from our own failures. All pathies are somewhere the same in understanding and analyzing the pathos, causation and the depth of a disease. All pathies have some advantages and also limitations, hence therefore I often say 'Go beyond pathies to cure mankind'.

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