•  Platina thinks that she needs no consolation as it is gifted enough to take care of herself.
  • Palladium does not like consolation but likes praises and appreciation. So when there is liking for appreciation there is no scope for anybody to console her which makes her feel deficient which she can not afford.
  •  Nat-mur is exclusive because of hyper sensitivity and she can not afford consolation. Even little things hurt them badly.
  • Sepia hates consolation since it has gone into indifferent mode. It compromises itself with grief and decides to go ahead in life inspite of grief and vexation.
  • Arsenic considers itself self-sufficient, meticulous, methodical and considers itself to be in position to manage himself. Hence does not require any outside consolation.
  • Carcinocin does not like consolation as it is a introverted personality. Carcinocin patient is either moulded by itself or has been moulded by parents and hence would not be moulded by external influences in the form of consolation.
  • Ignatia and Silicea both are the remedies of esteem, though conscientious and very sensitive. Ignatia is not timid and considers itself self-sufficient and therefore does not require consolation.
  • Silicea hates consolation because of their rigidity and esteem.
  •  Kali-phos patient is so mentally tired that she averses to thinking whether good or bad that any consolation is also a pain for her. So kali phos patient gets angry at consolation because consolation is going to make her think and that she can not afford.

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