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Some people raised questions on my last post with the title 'A classical case proving Dr. Kent's Law' and another 'Even brain cancer can be treated successfully'. One Oncologist from Delhi laughed this as if it was joke. So for his kind information I want to share one more case of cancer treated homeopathically, referred by an oncologist, who was in Dubai but ironically also hails from Delhi. After seeing the result, he accepted the superiority of homeopathy and brought her sister to that homeopath, incidentally who is my daughter, Dr. Rozina Zaheer.
Before discussing the case I recall those days when I used to tear Kent's repertory then pasting back its torn pages to learn homeopathy. I would have torn dozens of repertories considering them as if are not complete since my way of seeing them also was a kind of orthodox or in a mechanical way. In this way, I was trying to achieve the insight of Kent's repertory, since I knew that Dr. Kent would be never wrong may be myself. Perhaps this was my madness or frustration for which my wife discussed my case with one of her teacher, who is a noted homeopath of today. He sent the remedy Lyssin for me, as if I was a rabid dog. He included my case in the list of his successful cases in his one famous book. Ironically his dose aggravated and I tore many other repertories too in the act of my rage that when not finding the solution for my patients. Now I think the laughing and criticism boosted my energy to search more and more the appropriate way to find the solution which built the insight of homeopathy within me. I hope newcomers and upcoming homeopaths would learn something from this. In my view, to achieve something special needs a special way i.e. not an orthodox way.
However, as about Psora some are not accepting it as an evil thought as what Dr. Kent has said since Hahnemann had given a wider range to think about. Therefore as much as I could understand about Psora is that it is a state of our system which enables it to develop diseases. In other words our system or mind is susceptible to get or influenced by a good or bad thought as Adam and Eve got influenced by the Iblees (devil's) suggestion who advised them to eat apple to make good health. Scientifically with this example, many may not accept this version that psora is an evil thought or an itch of a mind. In fact this term originally is from Greek nomenclature which means a contamination from the air or airborne diseases (droplets). In Arabic which is Dum and in Sanskrit it is Vaat. For Syphilis miasma Arabic nomenclature is Balghami which means transmitting through white lymph by body contacts, in Sanskrit it is Kapha Dosha. For Sycosis Arabic terminology is Safrah (Bile or yellow lymph), in Sanskrit which is Pitta. While in naturopathy you can take them as granted air, water and fire, disproportion of any either because of food or ingestion of any non self which interferes their actions and resulting into different disease, to which modern science relating them to different pathogens i.e. germs virus or toxins. And now the case:
This boy, a case of leukaemia (blood cancer) after receiving 2nd shot of chemo therapy went into comatose (un-conscious) sleep. At this stage, the oncologist concerned suggested the parents that now he is helpless and cannot do anything more to save the life of this child. So either prayers would help or try whatever as per your wish. According to him the child was not going to survive. This is how a homeopath was consulted and who is my daughter Dr. Rozina Zaheer, practicing in Sharjah (UAE). She sent the photographs of child to me through email. And I suggested the remedy on phone. A single dose of that brought the child back into consciousness. After 2 months the child has visited me (in Mumbai) with full recovery. Now he doesn't require any blood transfusion or any other drug and keeping on improving. The concerned oncologist when saw this child was shocked and admitted with the parents of the child that this is a miracle and definitely not linked to with my medications. It is when he was told about homeopathy, the science behind this miracle and that was the reason who got so much impressed that visited Dr. Rozina and asked about the secret. So she referred my name. This is how after knowing something about me and homeopathy, he brought his sister to Dr. Rozina who was suffering with some chronic ailment. Here I would like to introduce my daughter Dr. Rozina, who is practicing in Sharjah as a certified consultant homeopath. In Arab countries where homeopathy was not having any importance or value than allopathy, Dr. Rozina not just survived in such odd situation but sincerely tried her best to make homeopathy popular there. This story about my daughter I will share you some other time.
Now it's your turn my dear friends, spot the diagnosis, see the pictures carefully, remedy is written at his face and genitals.

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