This is to bring awareness amongst unbelievers that homeopathy is not a placebo, on the contrary is a true science. Like allopathy it doesn't treat symptoms alone or the dis-ease, it treats diseases through symptoms. One more thing, since I also once upon a time was unbeliever. So I know most of the allopaths do not know homeopathy but comment, most of them also may not be understanding about pathogenesis of a disease as most of homeopaths also don't know about pathology. Such as which you can see in this case of brain stem glioma; the victim was 4 year old Master Pongle Mohtashim Farid. This boy while returning from school started walking like as if drunkard or was copying the walk of an elephant. He was staggering, as if joking.
Initially parents didn't mind, they thought that may be was his fun but when he continued to walk like this leaning to one side they got worried and took him to the doctor who sent the boy to another specialist (Dr. S. Jambhekar of Saifee Hospital, Mumbai) who diagnosed his condition as brain tumour.
His report dated 19.2.2013, from MRI Division Saifee Hospital revealing that the child was having Brain Stem Glioma (Tumour) . His MRI study of brain revealed as 'non-enhancing altered intensity mass lesion causing brainstem widening and involvement of bilateral brachium pontis.' The tumour mass was already occupied the entire brainstem and was extending towards brachium pontis bilaterally. Rest of the brain was normal. There was no evidence of hydrocephalus'.
One good thing in this case was that Dr. Jambhekar explained the parents that the only treatment for this is a surgery but surgery may not give this child a normal life. 99% he may not be survived during the process of surgery. This is how the parents have no choice except to come towards some alternative and chosen homeopathy.
The child was brought to Aarish Academy, Dr. Mafkhar (MD, Gold Medalist Homeopath) had seen the case by noticing the details. His notes, dated 27th February 2013 are as follows: "Baba Mohtasim Pongle, 4 years old from Chiplun, is a known case of Glioma of Brainstem. After refusing surgery had come to this academy for homeopathic treatment. History reveals, the child was noticed walking leaning towards the left side, (staggering gate). History also reveals the child had taken all the vaccines and after every vaccine every time very often used to get fever and used to be treated allopathically."
History was further revealing that his gate and style of walking, was first noticed when was returning from his school. Though he went to the school normally, returned in an abnormal way there was no history of fall. Child desires spicy food though is having aversion for milk and milk products.
History yet further revealed that at times shows tonic and clonic like convulsions, particularly during sleep. There is lachrymation (tear) from his left eye. He talks very slowly. His physical condition has not affected much, not complaining though is slowing in everything. By nature is stubborn.
With this note when I saw the child I gave importance to this, not complaining, history of fever 2-3 months before that too after some booster dose of a vaccine. After fever if some neurological problems like startling or if neuropathy has arisen which could be considered as Gullien Barre? The boy ultimately had developed a condition like which starts from a mild disturbance but if not fully understood about its cause, is going to cause more serious and deeply seated problems like formation of a tumour. This is what was happened in this case, was my analysis and suggested Apis as the first prescription.
Later various ups and downs came but clinical and complementary medicine in between helped. He developed high fever then zymotic eruptions by triggering humoral response brought high fever. Bryonia brought out eruptions (Nosode I- Maul Halib, as constitution), other remedies based on symptoms and follow up was Phosphorus and Lachesis. Today he runs and ride on bicycle, no complaint. Total period of treatment which required was around a year.
Now you decide how homeopathy works. This boy somewhere underwent to a situation like auto-allergic symptoms which were unnoticed till he developed a tumour in his brainstem. What was the cause? I considered the case solely to a vaccine and suggested 'Apis' which brought fever and exanthema with the help of my nosode, details of this, if want to know, read my book SURGERY WITHOUT KNIFE, how a natural humoral response helps in recovering from such a dreaded disease like a tumour or cancer in form of exanthematous eruptions.
According to the book 'Immunization Principle and Practice', by Dudgeon and Cutting, of Chapman and Hall publication, London and New York, in the year 1976, “a number of cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) was reported in individuals who had been vaccinated, were critically serious with swine flu vaccine particularly. Such an event has never been seen before or since with influenza vaccines, apart from the occasional sporadic cases.”
In India this condition is becoming common day by day; so question arises whether swine flu or influenza as endemic is here? God knows due to vaccines or due to ignorance while treating viral fevers children of India are affecting. The variety of such different cases are here whether in form of brain tumour or of multiple sclerosis. One such was this boy who diagnosed as brainstem tumour and who treated successfully through homeopathy considering the cause was vaccine.

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