As some of my friends were keen to know about Down's syndrome, a mysterious disease which has become a common health problem and a challenge to the medical world, so here is my views and experiences about this disease.
Children born with Down's syndrome are congenitally mentally deficient. Also known as Mongol child because of their look like mongolians. There are also similar abnormal children, sometimes defined as Klinefelter's syndrome, which like Down's syndrome also come in the category of chromosomally determined condition. Chromosomes are colored and shining particles arrange in a thread like structure inside the genome of a person. Both are hereditary diseases the genetically transmitted conditions, with a little difference. Klinefelter's kids are prone to get cancers of their gonands (Ovary, Testes, and Breast) while Down's syndrome kids do have in addition, recurrent affections of multi organs, mostly lungs, in form of repeated infections.
Genes are genesis the basic anatomical structure of a person, carry chromosomes which are containing decency, a decent behavior transmitting hereditary through genes of pheno or geno types; i.e. of maternal and paternal type and which are being continued to be transferring since centuries from one generation to another.
The physicians of ancient Indian vedic science is defining them in terms of “Dhatu” which according to them carry “Sanskaar”. According to them which carry some part of the earth (Bhumi), some particles of sky (Gagan), also some fragments of air (Vayu), and water (Neer). In this way these fragments, the GOD (Generator, Operator and Destroyer) is everywhere in the every particle of a substance (Kan - kan mein Bhagvaan). 'Bha' for Bhoomi, 'G' for Gagan, 'V' for Vayu, 'A' for Agni and 'N' for Neer. While modern science is defining them the same, also in term of five different levels:
1.Molecular genetic - techniques
2.Research strategies
3.Genetic mechanisms and concepts
4.Clinical genetic services, and
5.Public policy
All of which have not discovered in one time but which had took many years to search. Such as: In the year 1949, DNA came into light in relation to blood diseases, particularly to certain type of anemia. The concept of amino acid came in 1958, in 1960 came TRANSCRIPTASE THEORY, while CLONING came and which linked to Polymerase technology in the year 1976, 1978, 1981 and 1985 respectively (Ref: 'Doctors to the Genome', of Royal College of Physicians of London publications).
In short, to understand a molecule, whether of Down's syndrome or of Swine Flu is not so easy, so is of our own. Down's syndrome which links to genetic disorder is a very-very complex condition due to chromosomal disorder. When we call this as syndrome means are having variety of mental and physical conditions, which may also would include cardiac and intestinal problems.
Some studies have also shown that such children of Down's syndrome born with mental deficiencies are having low blood pressure at birth. Thus a homeopath should also consider this as a syphilitic child. Syphilis means inactivity in all respect and also disruption whether in form of a Chancre. Chancre is an ulcerated lesion over penis or vagina if being suppressed by so called allopathic medications most likely going to cause such kind of disruption within the genes inside the genomes, either of mother or of father. This disruption is going to cause a disrupted disease of their off springs.
Here, I would like to share one or two cases of such whom I treated successfully and which responded well to the remedies like Syphilinum and Carcinosinum (Nosode 1, now which is Maul Halib) along with some clinical and causative remedies based on their clinical and mental conditions which were based on the induced shock which child had received either in the womb or in form of blind shot of a vaccine. These children were born under weight and kept in the incubator but their doctors gave them routine vaccines what were for a normal child. This is how they developed more complicated conditions like cancers.

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