After reading the posts on Swine Flu (Influenza), some of my friends have asked whether homeopathy knows the treatment of ovarian cysts, a common young lady's problem. Today which has become more common, in form of multiple ovarian cystic disease, known as Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Some friends have also asked about the treatment of Gullian Barre Syndrome and which is an incurable condition. So my friends what should I say that homeopathy knows the cure of many diseases while allopathy, so called modern allopathy knows the treatment of such conditions. With apology, I must say that today's allopathy has no treatment for any disease but homeopathy can treat many diseases in the first place.
As certain homeopathic drugs have some laurels in treating certain ailments like Thuja for warts or Nux Vomica for stomach upsets and as Lachesis has been proved against certain ovarian cysts which may be good for certain allopathic doctors but certainly would not be good for the people and for the homeopathy since homeopathy, unlike allopathy is not the science of drug to a disease.
However, Ovarian cyst or Gullian Barre Syndrome are like auto-immune diseases where our own immune system becomes the enemy of our own organs whether ovary, thyroid or pancreas etc. Modern Nomenclature of our medical system will be defining them in different names like ovary, thyroid or pancreas etc. You can sense now the seriousness of these diseases where own immune system has becomes the enemy of our own organ, and therefore become difficult to treat. Gullian Barre Syndrome is also common now, not only mysterious in this modern era which with so much advancement in medical knowledge and technologies has still a challenge to treat.
Georges Gullian, a French nurologist (1876-1961) and Jean Barre (1880-1967) also French have seen this in their common practice at the time of world war, initially termed this as infective poly-neuropathy which is supposed to have an auto-allergic basis. In their clinical neurology practice they found usually which was noticed after 1 to 3 weeks after exposure to an acute viral infection, this disease starts with weakness of distal limb muscles and the weakness of these muscles ascends upwards in over several days and in some cases up to 3 weeks or a month. In mild cases only little weakness may be felt which may clear up in a week's time, which have also been noticed. Though in severe cases approximately 20% the paralysis involves of respiratory and facial muscles and or complete paralysis may have developed.
Barring these severe cases of disability, according to my guru of medicine Late Dr. M.P. Mishra, such kind of cases made good recovery over a period of one month or of 2-3 months. His (Dr. M.P. Mishra) diagnosis of Acute Infective Poly-neuritis was on clinical grounds. According to him the C.S.F. (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) was rather not diagnostic since in such patients, in his findings, cell count was normal in most of the cases. Dr. Mishra was a legend and a great professor of medicine of India. He taught me medicine in Jabalpur Medical College (now which is known as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Medical College) and I always admired his teachings. In his days this condition was may be one in lakhs while in Gullian Barre's time would have been 1 in millions. Unfortunately today it is 1 in thousands or even in hundreds. The question is what is the cause?
According to some old medical text books of 20thcentuary, 'Disease of the Nervous System, Price's Textbook' most of the Gullian Barre Sysdrome were recovered satisfactorily. Today has become mysterious; one major complication in form of this is more mysterious disease and which is due to influenza (swine flu or bird flu). The complications of influenza fevers are Pneumonia, Heart Insufficiency, Encephalomyelitis, Poly-neuritis, Gullian Barre Syndrome, Reye's Syndrome, Myositis and Perimyocarditis, which are considered as bacterial infections or the complications of such conditions like influenza or dengue. In some cases the viral infections itself causes the same conditions and in such a primary viral affection may become high risk for such condition, which you may call this as Gullian Barre Syndrome. Even the vaccines recommended for prevention of swine flu have caused this condition in some cases. It is a very - very not only mysterious but a serious condition about which our modern so called allopathy knows no treatment to tackle this. But homeopathy can treat and has already treated variety of such cases, unfortunately which still considered as placebo.
The susceptible to this condition, are patients in elderly group or with pulmonary diseases, in pregnancy or with heart failure and those with cortico-steroid therapy. In short, these are those who may die with influenza (H1N1) infection because of Gullian Barre or Reye's Syndrome. There are also other observations, suggesting that influenza virus may be spotted to C.N.S. (Central Nervous System) and would cause encephlopathy (brain affections) and also fatty de-generation of the liver (liver affection).
In the sense should I say, are we in the risk as a total or some of us which are having such conditions defined above are as in that risk? Viruses are not our enemy, rather are our friends and are helping us to understand our own immune system rather training it how to fight in such calamities which do arise or occur, every time when the chaos is there whether due to war, due to riots or due to floods etc. etc.
The onset of this Gullian Barre Syndrome occurs as a rule where fatty liver or Reye's syndrome were the sole cause, as one young girl in India (Rida) died of this in a five star hospital and a boy in Hong Kong who also died due to this. In both case, cause of death was found as swine flu but were also having the conditions like of Reye's syndrome where their liver were with fatty infiltrations. Today in India, out of 10 boys or girls 4 or 5 are having fatty liver, also those boys and girls which live in starvation do have the similar conditions. So now imagine if really a disease like swine flu or bird flu or any other viral affection is going to come and if at all is coming then how many of us will be affected, and whether our conventional allopathic system which is relying on vaccines and some propaganda drugs, is going to save us particularly who are having already such a base like fatty liver i.e. Reye's syndrome.
Homeopathy is here to help, provided such people who considered homeopathy is as aq nonsense is not nonsense. The need of today is to treat such individuals who may be the victims of this Gullian Barre or Reye's syndrome or even with Ovarian cysts, Thyroids and Pancreatic cysts etc. etc. Homeopathy treats individuals henceforth has not become like a hen giving always golden eggs. On the contrary has restricted to those honest physicians and doctors whom we can call them as real healers of the society. Without prejudice, whether allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, unani etc. etc. pathy is pathy is an outcome of pathos and the meaning of doctor is to help to rid of pathos.

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