Psora is an itch due to allergic or toxic pathogen which coz erythematous lesions in form of violet to pink papules, eruptions or nodules. Such kind of itch is not occurring on the skin alone but can also occur in the mind and thoughts of a person. It is because skin and brain are taking origin from the same cells, the tubal cell. Thus psoric itch is erythrogenic (erythro = red, and genesis = production) which may be an initial symptom of many diseases including Tuberculosis, Rheumatism, Gonorrhoea and or any other septic focus.
Like psora Psoriasis is another disease in which itch is a common symptom but in psora itch is in acute form while psoriasis is a chronic form of itch. In short in psora, psoric erythematous areas are covered with red blood cells while in psoriasis which adherent scales. In other words in psora itch is a first line of defence because of the humoral response of the body where red blood cells act as first ranking fighters. Today modern science is identifying as first defence against virus by naming them 5 immuno-globulins. While in psoriasois along with the itch adherent scales are there in addition. If psora is a first line of defence psoriasis is last to protect the self against any malignant or destructive conditions like Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Cancer or AIDS. Like Psora, Sycosis is also a kind of itch, dermatology is defining this in variety of sycotic diseases, such as Sycosis Barbae, Sycosis Nuchae (Sycosis Vulgaris), Lupoid Sycosis (Tubercular type) and Sycosis of Kaposi (Kaposi’s Sarcoma, the characteristics of AIDS) and Sycotic Warts (Fig like) etc. etc.
Hahnemann had discovered this psora simultaneously had also discovered the law of homeopathy i.e similia ‘Like cures like’. If China can produce symptoms like malaria, hence China cures malaria and which was his discovery. So is sulphur producing itch, hence also can cure itch. It is therefore if Kent speaks psora an evil thought, sycosis act, while syphilis is the product of them. I think he is absolutely right and explaining the essence of all these three miasms. I have observed this philosophical explanation of Kent in number of cases. I noticed the difference between virus and toxins, pathogens or germs which are responsible in causing itch by triggering humoral responses and which are of 2 main types. I means germs, streptococcus and staphylococcus which are either violet or pink in colours.
A pathologist says them as gram positive and gram negative. While chromo therapist who treat through colour consider violet as a molecule (virus) and pink as a chemical (toxins). These pathogens are responsible for variety of diseases from Barbae to TB, Tonsillitis or of Appendix affection, Kidney or of Heart by causing rheumatism in the first place. In the sense these 2 pathogens i.e. germs (streptococcus and staphylococcus) are arranged in 2 forms one is in organized form (virus) so it moves, while another in non organised form (Toxins), doesn’t move like TB germs. Here what moves is ou defence system and which is psora. Unfortunately modern conventional medical experts interfere and suppress to give some relief to the patients but their efforts of antipathy finally leading the patients into more and more serious conditions and a simple psoric manifestations convert into sycosis and then into syphilis in form of resistant TB, cancer and AIDS. If this very simple logic and understanding of homeopathy would be considered as scientific explanations for other doctors what so pathy or belonging I am sure that half of the pathos and variety of pathological conditions of the mankind will be reduced to half.
Here is one example where I have seen psora, sycosis and syphilis at a time in just 3 days. He was 70+, now more than a decade it was sunami year when this happened. Myself along with my wife (Shahida) who is a homeopath. We were in group were at Mecca for the Haj (pilgrimage). And perhaps that was King Fahd or Abdul Aziz Hospital, was situated on the stone throwing distance from our hotel where we have lodged. There at the OPD was a kind doctor from Pakistan who listened the story of this patient whom I was accompanying. The patient was on the wheelchair. After listening the details of the case he took me to the head and who was an Egyptian doctor. He just surged his shoulders like English people which means he was not agreed to that what I was explain him about the patient.
However the whole story is, The patient was an engineer by profession and by nature was little fastidious but with a mind of mirth and joking. In fact we started from Mecca to Madinah on bus, reached there somewhere before dawn. That night was very cold with too much cold windy weather. Because of the rush for paperwork for checking passport lot of time wasted at the check post, henceforth no other choice for us to pass time so were sitting in a restaurant drinking hot tea. At this moment this fellow i.e. the patient came and asked whether what he did was right or wrong. He told that he has performed Wazoo (washing hands and feet before offering prayers) with wearing shoes since the passage to wazookhana (place of washing) was through toilets and because of the rush and crowd some toilets were chocked and due to which filthy material was floating on the floor and which was really embarrassing for anyone whosoever was in need to going to wazookhana for washing hands and feet. This intelligent person with psoric ideas performed wazoo with wearing shoes but now was asking to everyone of our group that he did right or wrong.
After sometimes the same person was joking and laughing for his act suddenly became uncomfortable at the time when our bus was about to move towards our hotel. He got down from the bus and started walking vigorously as if drunk and very next moment when was about to fall some persons from our group hold him from falling. Mean time we who were sitting the bus rushed to him to know what had happened at took this patient to the mosque which was also in that campus. Next to the mosque in distance of few yards was a Govt. clinic. Now what I saw this fainted person with low blood pressure and thread pulse with sweats all over as if going to die. I rushed to the clinic to ask to the doctor if he can provide the stature so I can bring the patient to the clinic but because of the language problem that doctor did not realised about the situation. He offered me the wheelchair and for me which was not required, required was the stature not the chair.
However, when I reached back there on the spot my wife Dr. Shahida gave some homeopathic medicine to this patient, which I came to know later was a rescue remedy. That stabilized the case, the symptoms of shock were over and the patient became comfortable to travel so we brought him back to the bus and traveled towards our hotel. Somewhere in the noon his wife came to us that the patient is sleeping and not responding to her calls. His room was next to our room in that hotel. What I saw he was in a comatose sleep not responding to any external factor. There I came to know that the patient complained to his wife that he was having some head pains and feverish so his wife gave him some allopathic medicines for fever and pains, after which he vomited and then went into this kind of sleep where was not awaking. I saw his one eye was half opened and he was snoring loudly with rattling respiration. I also came to know from his wife that he talks in sleep as if is talking to his grandson and which was actually the main reason where she felt that something is wrong so she knocked our door.
Again at this time the emergency kit of Dr. Shahida helped this patient I found his remedy as Opium considering that because of the cold and showing his legs asking every time was also exposing against the cold and windy weather. I suspected that whether it was earlier due to the stroke of heart or is now of brain. It is because the cold winds make the blood thick, he was wearing wet shocks and was exposing also. To me which means due to cold windy exposure blood becomes thick and thicker and may cause an stroke whether of heart or brain. The doses of Opium which were given to him repeatedly have brought back the humoral response of his he developed fever rather high fever. As per his wife the fever goes high and high when he sleeps in a comatose fashion.
I explained his wife that she should not take this seriously rather to observe and watch. Next morning when this fellow was not recovered from his comatose sleep I got worried and then started thinking and explaining his wife that patient should be move to the hospital while at this stage some people from our group were insisting that not take patient to the hospital since the experience of majority of people of there was that whosoever goes to hospital never come alive. What I found this patient though was in sleep was responding to my calls therefore I continued the same remedy simultaneously was trying to consult the doctors of the hospital and explaining them about the pathogenesis. To me which was the stroke since which was a case of clot whether in heart or in mind.
Finally on the third day when this patient though recovered from unconsciousness and comatose sleep was now complaining about cough and breathing discomfort and for which his wife and also he were asking to give him some medication for his cough and breathing discomfort. Here I have drawn the line explained his wife that now with whatever process her husband is going in fact which will be a helping tool for him but again because of the anxiety and fearfulness of his wife made me to take her husband there in that hospital where I explained the details to that Pakistani doctor who took me to his head.
Do you know what had happened next the patient was thoroughly investigated and the outcome of which was just nothing means he was not having any kind of pathology or pathos which comes during the stroke whether of mind or of heart. This patient now after 10 yrs is still hale and hearty. The last remedy which was given to him after many months was Syphilinum. Now my dear friends you analyse this case, where he initiated as psoric, were went to sycosis and when affected to syphilis.

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