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Today, influenza is in two forms, drift and shift. Drift (swine flu) is its old form, while shift (bird flu) is new. Considering a slight indication for dangerous outbreak where whole world may get involved within few seconds like a nuclear bomb. Mean to say, if it has been found in its original vector the few ducks in Kerala, and would made dead them. Any duck if would die due to this with having the similar genetic structure what the molecule of influenza, will be having and also will be having that duck too, then the real pandemic is going to happen, like a nuclear bomb blast, which would also get spread within few seconds in the same altitude from Kerala to Columbia.
My dear friends, now you can imagine what pandemic is and why it was needed to burn 3-4 lakhs of ducks by seeing a fraction of a dangerous signal of being possibility of a pandemic outbreak spreading all around the world. This is not my interpretation or prediction but is a hypothesis of some researches based on its tendency to become pandemic after every 100 years. Though also keep on occurring in form of molecular epidemiology after every few years by restricting to certain places whether of Hong Kong or of Mumbai.
For reference lovers (:)) they can refer the one book 'Introduction to Modern Virology' by Blackwell Publishing, UK and another 'Principles of Cellular and Molecular Immunology' by Austy and Wood of Oxford University Press. If like to know even more, you can refer also my book, 'The Post mortem of Bird Flu.'
Nature has provided us an antibody IgA to fight against such kind of air born diseases whether of influenza or of para-influenza, TB or TB like affections etc. Such air born diseases, which communicate from one to another i.e. from man to man through droplets of infection, which an infected person passes from one to another through sneezing and or coughing. It means such kind of droplets attack us like missiles and an enzyme IgA, a kind of defender cell of our body if are being trained or are having genetic information save oneself, act like anti-missiles. In the similar situations there are few defender cells like IgG and IgM which come into action from time to time as per the need and situation are also known as first ranking fighter cells. In total which are 5, belong to the family of B cells (Bone marrow cells). After attacking enemies they get eliminated out from within the body in form of debris like nuclear waste (end product of antigen and antibody) through 5 different roots like nasal, oral, anal, aural, and dermal.
What modern medical science is discovering ancient Indian vedic system of medicine is defining this in terms of 'Punch-karma' i.e. different actions to defend the self. Swine flu (H1N1) and its antigens (molecules) a drift or shift of influenza which also means when a virus or an antigen is drifting from one species to another is known as drift while when it comes to its origin termed as a shift. In this context the scientific studies of around 100 years are revealing that the influenza virus which was originally seen in the ducks migrated or drifted from ducks to swine, from swine to hen, and from hen to men etc. If going to shift or settle again to its original vector (the ducks) will become more powerful and more destructive.
To identify a virus certain modern tests are like half man and half monkey type testing through ELISA and RIA are based on enzymes essay. In our body certain hormones are releasing on certain crisis and emergencies. Such modern technologies test them with their modern techniques such as tests like ID and IEOP in which one part is inside the patient another in kit of that company which has made that kit. In short the method based on haemaglotination is old method, now in new techniques like Floro and Fixation.
The enzymes like IgG and IgM are yet another defensive forces. One comes during the crisis another remains until the crisis is over. Later on passes into the memory of defensive cells. This is how the immunity of an individual works. A person or a child with normal immunity would not fall sick again and again but the tragedy is with orthodox today's allopathy that it is or has become like a departmental store where a salesman has more importance than a doctor.
The cardinal symptoms of influenza are sudden onset, fever with body ache, along with the symptoms of common cold and headache. Patient feels very weak, all remain with few days then passes away by producing zyma like eruptions. Earlier allopaths named such kind of seasonal fevers as zymotic fevers while the lay public (in India) use to call them as 'Mata ke Bukhar' and use to apply no medication, just bear silently and praying for the recovery. In short fever helps in building the immunity of a person.
Today the deaths due to influenza whether swine flu or bird flu are usually occurring when most of the doctors even in big hospitals use Cortico steroids and respirators for the respiratory distress since the relatives of the patient want the immediate relief. This is how sometimes the virus in order to getting eliminated out from within the body remained inside, causing multi organ diseases, a common excuse from the big doctors of big hospitals. On the contrary deaths due to swine flu hardly occurring in the public hospitals God knows why.
However, my aims and objectives are not to terrorize or finding loopholes, but want to make aware in case if a pandemic like situation is going to occur, what one should do, what not. We must go to our traditional preventive majors rather than modern approaches. Traditions are based on experience while modern way of treatment is decided as per the studies like blind or double blind studies. Above all one should not treat by self medication and doctors should not Cortico steroids as like saving just without understanding the situation. Panic is a real disease not the patience. May GOD bless us all once again.

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