As some of my friends have asked me to share my experiences and knowledge about Herpes, which is now considered as the most dreaded and difficult condition, or one can say even un-treatable. Some researchers link this as the mother of AIDS.
Herpis is HERR in German, means a respectable thing, as in English Mr. or Miss. Even the ancient Greeks had considered it as the same henceforth in Greek herpetic viruses have been named as per their Goddess Alpha, Beta & Gama. And it is also therefore the modern science of virology is categorising them in to 3 heads as per the same name Alpha, Beta & Gama. In fact these viruses are double stranded either double positive or double negative or with both. Alpha is with positive i.e. a symbol of productive energy, Beta is negative i.e. destructive energy while Gamma is with both i.e. neutral. It may be because this Human Herpes Virus (HHV) also known as Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) which is now of various types and kinds, initially which was considered as friend than a foe. It is therefore earlier physicians used to term these as exanthematous i.e which eliminates out the dirt (morbid substances) from within the body in form of exranthema (exanthematous eruptions and rashes), which in modern times we called them as cold sore shingles (Zost), genital or oral herpes (in Indian version which is Makdi Moot i.e. Spider's instinct). These viruses are lytic in nature i.e. which washes out the debris of the body as we wash our hands through a soap. The modern science of virology to which earlier phycians define it as exanthematous or exanthema as an eliminating or lysing as in washing of the debris with Lysol like Detol.
The symptomatology of this Human herpes virus is if this remained as simple where will be known as Herpes Simples Virus (HSV), which is an infection of muco-cutaneous membrane and traumatised skin i.e. first which attack skin. And which very often seen in those boys and girls, under 10, particularly belong to low socio economic group. A normal healthy diet would helps in eradication them without using any medicine. It's another form which do come in genitalia of certain youths who may be belonging to the group of immune-compromised or immune-suppressed like AIDS. Recurrent appearance of these eruptions whether which are coming around the mouth or around the gentiles will considered as the individuals like AIDS or is lacking immunity like TB. Though the appearance of such eruptions below the 10 years of Age helps in building the immunity of an individual. Parodoxically , the presence of such viruses are also helping in building the resistance of the body to fight against various other viruses and antigens yet also indicating that if are being occurring in the elderly age group persons or to a old showing that, that person is lacking immunity, may be due to various means like Diabetes and diabetes like some chronic diseases. It means if it is occurring in young age it is a good sign, while it is occurring in elderly age is a bad signal means the time of end has come.
The human herpes virus now which have emerged as a viral disease to human, due to various reasons and factors because of the cause which are now in many folds. One such is experiment on animals in the name of scientific studies for preparations of vaccines to save mankind. Though in natural form this already acts as a first line of defence which help the immune system of a person how to fight and eliminate those factors which are the causes either for Cancer, AIDS or TB etc. In the sense this virus helps in resolving certain tumours and cancers and eliminating those dead cells from such lesions by lysing them out in form of rashes or eruptions. While primary infections of this virus which used to considered as blessings of Deity, in India which was linked to as Mata Ke Bukhar, while medical science identifying them in terms of various diseases like Chicken Pox, Mums and Glandular Fever etc.
Modern science also finds these original herpetic viruses which also remain persistent in the slivery glands of human beings and also hiding inside the bone marrow of them and in monocytes - the cells which fight cancers. This virus in fact which don't want to change its host, so become established in the same host but still considered as a lysing agent if again come inside its original host i.e. the human as defensive to the original host.
Unfortunately , if our so called conventional medical system is having drugs like anti fever and anti rash i.e. anti histaminic, this is undoubtedly suppressing the natural process and the defence action of the body i.e. of individuals immune system. And perhaps this is the reason why so many variety of cancers like Lymphoma, Sarcoma, Blastoma, Genital Herpes, Infectious Mono-neucleosis which is commonly known as Glandular Fever and which has now become very common also AIDS and Multi Drug Resistant TB all are now linked to the immune system of a person.
Homeopathy has a major role in such conditions and also treating such individuals who may be the victims of such variety of viral affections due to variety of factors by helping an individual to boost the constitution at the same time eliminating and treating the causative factors in a natural way i.e. to boost the fever such extent that the sweats and eruptions would bring out the actual morbid substances from within the body. Here these viruses help again paradoxically, on one end they multiply and evaluate out in form of eruptions to lysed out simultaneously by multiplying themselves. This is what the mystery of nature. Viruses are our friends as long as they are there in their original forms in hosts whether in ducks, in hen or in human.

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