MUMBAI: Haffkine Institute, the 116-year-old historical research institute in Parel that has done cutting-edge research work in the field of infectious diseases, has worked out a homeopathic medication for tuberculosis.
At a time when several western nations, including Australia and the United Kingdom, have expressed their reservations against homeopathy, Haffkine Institute delved deep into the alternative medicine's sub-chapters on nosodes—better known as homeopathic vaccines—to prepare an anti-TB concoction. "We are not experts in homeopathy but, as microbiologists, we understand the principles of infectious diseases," said Haffkine Institute's director Dr Abhay Chowdhury. The institute also works on herbal and ayurvedic medication.
His team tied up with homeopath Dr Rajesh Shah for the project, which started in March-April 2014.
Anti-TB medicines are mainly allopathic and homeopathy has had little role so far, admitted Dr Shah. "But we believe that our new nosode can complement allopathic medicines given to TB patients, including those with multi-drug-resistant TB," he said.
In fact, a research paper published in Homeopathy Journal in 2014 said "add-on homeopathy in addition to standard therapy appears to improve outcome in MDR-TB".
"Nosodes are used against infectious diseases such as anthrax, tuberculosis etcetera. However, there have been no new nosodes in recent times," said Dr Shah. For the collaboration with Haffkine, he took an old nosode prepared using the sputum of a TB patient as well as other microbiological samples of patients suffering from MDR-TB, and decided to rework it.
After preparing a culture of these microorganisms, the Haffkine team worked on making the medicine using age-old homeopathic techniques but in modern settings. "Homeopathic medicines are prepared using the process of potentization or step-wise dilutions. We did the same but more scientifically by using molecular techniques," said Dr Sandeepan Chowdhary, a scientific officer with Haffkine who was a part of the study. He said that Haffkine-nosode, which now has a standardized formula, is undergoing animal trials. "
It is said in the above report that, what is introduced is a "homeopathic medication for tuberculosis", a "standardized formula", and it is undergoing "animal trials"!
That means, it is not an ordinary type of homeopathic drug, but a STANDARDIZED FORMULA. Kindly note, it is not being proved by homeopathic methods, but by ANIMAL TRIALS like what is done regarding allopathic drugs!
It is said to be prepared by taking an "old nosode prepared using the sputum of a TB patient", and it was added with "other microbiological samples of patients suffering from MDR-TB", which were "potentized" using "molecular techniques,"
Obviously, it means that it is not an ordinary homeopathic preparation, but a COMPOUNDED FORMULA aimed for marketing!
What is this "molecular technique" of potentization? Any new "molecular technique" could be devised only it the molecular processes happening during potentization is correctly understood. What is it?
They claim it is a "a homeopathic medication for tuberculosis." In homeopathy, no drug is actually aimed at a particular disease. Prescriptions are made on the basis of principle of similia. In the case of new drug , it is for TUBERCULOSIS, without any consideration of symptoms or similia!. It is an "an anti-TB concoction."!
Most funny part of their claims is, "we believe that our new nosode can complement allopathic medicines given to TB patients, including those with multi-drug-resistant TB,"
Means, it is not a CURE for tuberculosis. They "believe" it will "complement" anti-TB drugs. Without ANTI-TB ALLOPATHIC DRUGS, this 'formula' is not of any use in the treatment of TB!
Even plain water will COMPLEMENT allopathic drugs. No need of a homeopathic FORMULA, if it acts only as COMPLEMENT to allopathic drugs!
This report demonstrates how business people creates BIG NEWS from nothingness, in order to make BIG MONEY from nothingness, by cleverly utilizing the label of homeopathy!

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