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DrMirza Anwer Baig

Despite various advances in the scientific studies of infectious disease, influenza has remained as an enigma and hence therefore the measures to control this have been failed always. The news of these days is justifying what Times of India had flashed 5 years ago on 13th Jan 2010 on its front page that ‘W.H.O. FLU DOCTORS HAVE BEEN PAID BY THE COMPANIES WHICH MAKE VACCINES.’ Today after 5 years the news is the vaccines which are considered as to prevent swine flu are out of stock. Peoples are more terrified since there is no known treatment for this scourge which is now known as H1N1 i.e. the Swine flu.
It is present Molecule of influenza is H1N1. The molecule means a structure which cannot be destroyed by any means such as like our molecule of water, H2O. In this H1N1, H is for Hydrogen or Fire, while N is for Nitrogen means the earth. This molecule or the pathogen of swine flu (H1N1) has ability to strike the victim through its H (fire) end, and multiply through its N (earth). This molecule which was in the domestic birds in the year 1918 had travelled to horses and from horses to men and also to swine, means pigs. Whether horses had infected pigs or the man had infected them, the fact is that this molecule of influenza (swine flu) is now in man. Man is infecting to another man, this made havoc in USA in the year from 1976 to 1978 when many young boys died due to this. Somewhere in the late decades of the 20th century some scientists from USA had proved the presence of this molecule from domestic bird to a swine, whatever connection in between was whether horse or swine. H1N1 is existing in man now and which can be proved through the tests which are now in common practice.
However influenza (swine or bird flu) is a infection of winter or you can say it’s an illness of winter. In the year 1995 some scientists from the USA has mentioned that the molecule of influenza has already shifted to the original vector i.e. the domestic birds and showed their concern that influenza if will be coming in form of this i.e. in different molecule will be proving more fatal than what had been seen in the year 1918 which had killed millions of people. In the sense 2 molecules of this influenza, H1N1 (swine flu),and H5N1 (Bird flu) are in the air now. Surprisingly why one get disappeared when other appears. Our modern science and our experts have no explanation to this, except that we can make the tests whether this is positive to this or that. More or less the clinical picture remains the same in one respiratory distress is not that marked that is in other. Such as present molecule has these symptoms, sudden onset of fevers with sneezing and headache along with the symptoms of common cold. The victim feels as if his body has totally exhausted and would not come to normal.
At this stage an homeopathic remedy Gelsemium can help them. Gelsemium is yellow Jasmine, the champa. In the sense if one take the kadha of this champa (yellow jasmine) will be protected against this killer disease. What I feel during this period swine flu may be taking the form of bird flu where the killing intensity of that flu is 5 times more. GOD bless us since if we consider homeopathy is as the science of healing then allow these homeopaths whom you have trained. I think they will prove as the first ranking physicians to save the man kind from all such calamities in which the virus has a leading role. And for homeopaths, it is must that they should be restricted their own principles and not to on the basis of ‘DRUG TO A DISEASE’.

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