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DrMirza Anwer Baig

Swine flu is a drift form of influenza, a winter disease, as winter is ending the scourge of this flu which has resurfaced at some parts of Maharashtra particularly Pune and Nagpur, now seems to be declining rather looks as if has already aborted, but the phobia of this disease is still in the air. Today, two strains of influenza are in the air, one H1N1 i.e. the Swine flu and the second is H5N1 i.e. the bird flu means the original form of that. Swine flu is the drift of influenza, a helical virus which comes from the sky through wild birds to ducks and then to domestic birds, from them had drifted to man, from man to man and then to horse and from horse to swine. The bird flu is a shift which means it has drifted or shifted from swine to the domestic birds from where was drifted i.e. had settled in its own home by changing its genetic molecule which is now H5N1. In this process it has achieved 5 times more attacking power than what it was almost 100 years before when it was in form of influenza.

Few months ago, H5N1 molecule was seen in some ducks of Kerala, in preventive measure, 5 to 6 lakhs of ducks were burnt alive there. But it is quite possible few may be alive to spread this in coming future. In this situation of uncertainty, a question arises whether this step is going to help since the ducks are everywhere in the world, if its outbreak from this molecule occurs whether going to save the mankind through our so called recent vaccine which has been prepared against the molecule H1N1 i.e. of swine flu.
The history of influenza i.e. the marks of the GOD’s displeasure begins from 1900, that time the vectors were the ducks after which it has drifted in to domestic birds and then from them to man and thereafter from man to man. The history of vaccines against influenza begins in the year 1933 when Dr. Wilson Smith prepared this H1N1 antigen vaccine by injecting this into the eggs of domestic birds. During the same period some doctors also developed this in homeopathic way and which was known as in Influenzinum. How far these vaccines were helpful since this scourge was disappeared for some years. It had resurfaced again somewhere in 1956 with a different molecule later on was shifted to horses which were first defined as the equine (horses) flu and which happened in America. The same molecule was found in pigs in USA’s west coast in the year 1976 which baffled scientists how this virus keeps surviving by drifting from one to another species i.e. from ducks to hen, from hen to men, from man to men and then from men to horse then from horse men, and from horses to pig and from pig to man, man to horse and horse to pig!!! After this flu which had made a havoc in USA from 1976 to 1978 and due to which many young boys died, first which was considered as gay plague then white plague and finally as AIDS.

Until 1970, the orthodox of medicines i.e. of allopathy were in the euphoria that their antipathy i.e. for pain, fever etc. were the only remedies to control such problems through drugs such as anti-fever, anti-pain, and anti-biotics etc. etc. were the main tools to control such were failed. More surprising incidence which had happened in the year 1979 and 1980 that in New England Coast some seal fishes were found dead, the cause of their death was pneumonia and also encephalitis. After investigations it was found that the antigen which has killed them was of influenza. At that time its molecule was H3N2 which was earlier seen in some humans which were from the south east Asian countries like Hong Kong. Therefore the link between man and these fishes were traced as pig. In those eastern countries the culture was and which is also at present that the farmers of such places use to live with the pigs, ducks, hens together and sleep with them in their farms. It is yet therefore the speculation derived from all this was that, that the seal fishes which were contaminated through pigs of these countries and when they migrated from there through China sea to pacific ocean and then landed there at the west coast of America. This is how the birth place of swine flu is America. This was proved by the findings of an American scientist whose name was Shatreg, who had seen that this antigen which was drifted to its original i.e. H1N1 was in the pigs of America and he also proved its transmission from pig to pig and from pig to man. Soon after this, after few years, a scientist from New Zeeland, Webster had seen this in some hens of Hong Kong. He found this antigen of influenza which was drifted to man from pigs, and from pigs to man and from man to hen again, which he labelled as the shift and proved that it is also capable of affecting from hen to men. During the same period it was seen that one Chinese boy died due to this and similar cases also were reported from some other countries like India.
However, the current situation is that a drug known as Zanamivir in form of nasal pump was considered as preventive during its epidemical state, orally which is also now available in its generic name Tamiflu. Earlier two more remedies Rimantidine and Amantidine were considered as preventive but were not found as effective as were claimed. The vaccine to prevent this swine flu was also not proved as effective as was claimed. On the contrary has shown some adverse effects like Gull and Barre syndrome which was more dangerous and complicated than the symptoms and complications of influenza. Hence it is also therefore whether one should rely on these measures of therapeutics and of preventive are only going to be proved when its new molecule H5N1 is going to occur. Hopefully the homeopathic vaccine Influenzinum if would be taken in the month of April, May and June in three successive doses may like to prevent this which most likely occur after the interval of few years in the months of July, August, September, October, that is the end of rains and the beginning of winter. Most likely which may going to occur in this season since if we believe that new molecule of influenza H5N1 was in those ducks which were burnt alive in Kerala. The winds which are going to come from the south towards north and east may bring those molecules. May God Bless us since the nature of influenza is and which has been observed in the past that it comes and strike very powerfully, make pandemic involvement after every hundred years. So my dear friends don’t be in that impression that if influenza is the real marks of God’s displeasure than it is going abolish 2/3 population of the world. May God Bless once again.
By the way, we homeopaths may help people with a homeopathic drug Eupatorium Perfoliatum which has characteristic symptomatology of influenza as the king Eupator of Itly had saved his army from this herb and because of this, the herb has been named on his name Eupator. This is a thoroughwort which grow naturally in between the boundaries of farms. That is as per the latitudes. Influenza also spreads as per the latitudes. See recently its H1N1 was there in Pune, in Nagpur and also in some part of Talangana which are geographically in the same latitude. In the same way it was there in Rajasthan and Gujarat in the same latitude, not came to Mumbai, though Pune and Gujarat are adjacent to Mumbai. Killing one or two or ten doesn’t mean that the swine flu or the bird flu is here.
Influenzinum of homeopathy can be more reliable as per experience of earlier doctors who have the better results with this along with the clinical remedies which may be any depending upon the clinical conditions which may be of Gelsemeium, of Arsenic or of Naja. What I have seen the people who died of swine flu or bird flu after getting complicated due to our conventional medications were showing the symptomatology of these. The complications arrive because of our conventional medicines as per like for fever, for pains and also for cough and cold etc. Influenzinum of homeopathy has same criteria of its indications as Variolinum had. If that had helped the people of those century where it was outburst and had killed half of the world, this Influenzinum may save 2/3rd of the world. Remaining 1/3rd who may be in risk would be those who may be having fatty liver or those who may be using cortico steroids and anti allerginc medications of their day to day problems also diabetic, and pregnant ladies because of the crisis and fear phobia they may be get affected because such conditions hampers immune system.

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