Cancer or Carcinoma is a malignant epithelial tumour. An important feature of cancer is that it is predominantly a disease of old age, though there are exceptions. Maggots are like phagocytes of the body, capable of engulfing the diseased cells and debris of tissues. Phagocytes, one of the defender cells engulf foreign or other particles which are harmful to the body. Thus like phagocytes maggots are also play the role of a scavenger.
Here is a case of Carcinoma treated by this new approach i.e. Maggot Therapy. You may take this as a discovery of mine invented at the Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy and Research of Mumbai, India. I want to share this here with the fraternity of medical world, hopefully which may become the future therapy in treating cancer.
The patient, H.B. Waghoo, 68 yrs. old female was brought to the Mafkhar Clinic, Mumbai, dated 16th Aug 2013, ref. No. 9496. She had cauliflower like growth in her left buckle cavity. This fungating mass which was originating inside her mouth in the inner wall of the cheek was extending up to her lower lip of its left corner. Patient was not willing to be operated, so was her son and her husband since she was a heart patient and was on some drugs and also used to take sleeping pills. She was pallor and week with breathing difficulty, at times used to get pains there in that growth which also some time used to bleed particularly while chewing food or eating.
According to them (her son and husband), she was not medically fit for any kind of medical atrocities which were needed for the treatment of such. So they brought her to here in this Mafkhar Clinic for the treatment through alternatives. At the clinic, patient initially was treated with some clinical and inter-current medications on the basis of her mental and physical status with which got benefitted health wise on mental and physical planes but the size of the growing mass was not stopped. On the contrary that started growing rapidly, surprisingly also outwardly that the growth from the epithelium inside the mouth started growing outwardly on the surface. And a stage came when it looked that her cancer entered into the category of its terminal stage i.e. the grade IV.
At this stage, when all efforts made to check the growth have been failed has reminded me for this new method. It is because I have seen in one such case of cancer where maggots were found helping the patient and which also happened to guided me to develop a remedy in form of a nosode (which is no.11 in my diary,), termed as Maggotnum. The molecular dilution (which is also my discovery) of this nosode was given in repeated doses which finally triggered her humoral and cellular responses of the body. She developed fever and some discharges from the mass and which also started showing some signs of shrinking. After few days, the maggots started growing inside that lesion and they also started engulfing the debris of dead cells and also cancer cells.
Unfortunately these maggots when grown into full blown as adults started flowing outside and started spreading in the surroundings which has created a scene when neighbors came to know about all this they started quarreling with her son and her husband as if they were responsible for this inhuman act. Her relatives were also informed and all such people gathered and forced her son to hospitalise her.
Now, in the hospital of modern medicine, some doctors started abusing Homeopathy and homeopaths as if it was a crime what was doing in one year duration. Surprisingly when those modern doctors who were declaring this case as of IV-th grade of cancer and were planning to remove her jaw and teeth, found surprisingly that the growth fallen off leaving to a ulcerated margins on her lower lip. Yet more surprising was when they were trying to kill those flying maggots they found them resistant to their all kind disinfectants which also made havoc in the hospitals.
Due to this, the poor lady suffered and her son was helpless. The surgeon concerned tried old method to tackle those maggots which was the finding of the first Indian surgeon Shushrut, in form of turpentine oil. The sprinkle of turpentine has caused the burn marks on her neck. Now, patient is recouping and is also proving that healing is from within outwardly. Turpentine cannot treat cancer but maggots can destroy the cancer cells by engulfing them as radio therapy or so called chemo therapy are considered to destroy cancer cells but it is like if you want to kill a rat burn the house. It is because radio therapy or chemo also destroying healthy cells along with the cancer cells.
I conclude that maggots are like phagocytes. They can also change their morphology like phagocytes from larvae convert into flies which is also my discovery. Maggots can play a safest role in destroying dead cells and chemically saturated inactive cells which most of the time become like toxins and can also become as carcinogenic factors. Therefore people should not consider the entrance of maggots as a bad sign rather welcome them as they help like scavengers in cleansing the internal unhygienic polluted environment which is because of the various factors common in this era, whether chemical pollution in the environment or internal pollution due to drugs or different vices. So we should teach this from the school level to the public that maggots are friends not foe.

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