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As some of you wanted me to share more details about successfully treated AIDS patient Parvez Alam, So here is a post regarding that -
Parvez Alam Shiekh Ahmad was 20 year old when had come to us, first in the year 1993, then in the year 1998, as per his reference numbers, 26/R-7, 1993 and 11/R-44, 1998. His latest registration number with us is 6211, year 2011, last visited on 29th October 2014 for just some general climatic ailment like cough and cold for which has been given Phosphorus, which is his constitutional remedy. Now neither we bother nor did he worry about his status of being positive or negative. I am treating him since 1993-94. In my record his ailment is listed, now, under this head; Long Term Survivor HIV Infected. And I think he is the only one in the whole world who is surviving or survived more than twenty years. If record keepers like Guinness Book or researchers on HIV/AIDS want to talk to him I will pass on his mobile number, of course, after taking his permission and I know he will not refuse. People with AIDS considering it as taboo, hardly come to the public; In India he was the first who came forward before media with a tag of AIDS and of HIV positive.
The most prominent feature of such patients is that they have marked anxiety about their status in the society so they hide. They are more worried for the taboo so have anxiety and which is the reason they keep on changing doctors and therapies, attract towards advertisements and or whatever etc. etc. which can make them from positive to negative. And when, actually, they are diagnosed as negative on their report they also become negative in health wise. Their ESR will rise more than 100 percent and so is the weight which falls, Mr. Parvez has gone under all such crises, he also rushed from govt. hospitals to private and from private to quacks and or to those who claim magic cure. This is the reason in all these 25-26 years his registration numbers with us are different. He is 45-46 years old now.
To treat such patients is not a cup of tea, he had also behaved in the same way. Initially was treated at the govt. hospital (J.J. Hospital) then went to private, to Bombay Hospital, though used to come to us also from time to time, every time with some new disease though had no disease when was tested positive.
Those were the days where no specific remedies like ART (Anti retro-viral therapy) was existing, that's why I said to treat him was not my cup of tea. I believe in God and my God has guided me. At one stage it looked as if he is going to die, sooner or later. Some other doctors were predicted this who were treating him in between. While I treated him with “Leprosinum” which is nosode four (Nosode IV) in my list. Leprosinum, (Nosode IV) is also my research I have prepared this which was derived from a leper's blood who was treated successfully by the nosode (Nosode II) which was prepared from the blood of an AIDS patient. The logic in prescribing this remedy, (Nosode IV), at one stage he looked to me as if is like a leper i.e. leprosy patient.
My dear friends, I have tested and proved five different bloods of five different AIDS patients. That leper patient from whose blood this nosode was prepared was a businessman. When was returning from his hometown, someone seduced him by offering a toxic tea on the way and looted his belongings. That man was treated in the govt. hospitals for years but didn't recouped, even in the private hospital. But a dose of Virionum has cured this man. Now imagine the difference between the proving of Virionum and Carcinosin. This leper was having a very ugly face with neuropathy. It is because the toxic tea which he drank and which made him unconscious, some part of it was also spilled by the side of his mouth to his face and neck. This man after being recovered from this neuropathy, he got an ulcer on his foot which later took a malignant form and which was treated successfully with Carcinosin. If you want to know more about all these please refer my books; 'Myths & Reality about AIDS' and 'Homo-Immunization'. Also 2 other books books 'Mutthi bhar layee (in Hindi and Urdu) and AIDS: Sawalon ke pahad jawabon ki nadiyan (Hindi).
AIDS in fact is not a natural disease it's an outcome of our ignorance or is being deliberately concocted to save the skin of our own. We as doctors must discuss why and what was the motive? HIV is just a harmless RNA virus with positive strand, a virus which can't kill even a butterfly, if it would have I should have died of AIDS, I tested and proved five different nosodes from AIDS patients;
1. Nosode II, Virio-num
2. Nosode IV, Leprosi-num
3. Nosode VI, Huma-num
4. Nosode VII, CD4-num
5. Nosode I, Carcinosin-num
Carcinosin-num has the symptoms in my proving as being envisaged by the finds of WHO, are matching with this, in my books Myths & Reality about AIDS and Homo-Immunization.
However, Parvez is in his normal state of health. Whenever he turned into HIV negative he needed Virio-num, since 2 minuses make one plus. Here is this similia as leprosy is similar to tuberculosis, tuberculosis is also similar to AIDS. For more to verify see his reports.

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