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Some of you have asked me that 'how 2 minus makes 1 plus, it's ok in physics but what about medicine?' So I felt to answer this in form of a post. To me, HIV is as a constitution and which have all miasms in itself, which have been described in Homeopathy and also defined in Ayurveda in terms of Doshas, i.e. Psora (Vaat or Air), Syphilis (Kapha or Lymph) and Sycosis (Pitta or Bile). To know more details about all this I will suggest, read my book 'Surgery without Knife' since here it is not possible to express all these miasma or doshas (humoral or cellular responses).
In HIV constitution all these miasms are there but in pseudo form not exactly may not be in those which is defined in the literature of homeopathy. It is because the world is changed and also the causative factors, also the immunological tolerance of an individual etc. etc. Such as like Carcinosins, they are wise and artistic, like Sepia take interest in music. Sepia is a polychrest remedy with more sycotic than psoric, while Virionums are more psoric, like Aconite anguished and anxious but unlike Aconite, don't have fear of death. On the contrary, like Veretrum, are very conscious of their position in the society and we know Aconite and Veretrum are more anti-psoric remedies than anti sycotic. Carcinosins are more sycotic than psoric while Virionums are more syphilitic than psoric. Carcinosins are having more fear than anxiety while Virionums have more anxiety than fear that is why in AIDS patients most of them commit suicide as long as their status remained as positive (HIV+). That is in their positive health, while Carcinosins in their positive health suffer with fear more than show anxiety. Virionums will keep on testing them because of anxiety while Carcinosins will not go for any kind of testing because of the anticipated fear that may be found as positive or of cancer. This is a fear of extravagance fear like of Opium. Opiums are more sycotic than psoric. Silent pathology of sycosis are more common in Opium so is in carcinosins also. In short, the slightest difference means no similia.
In the sense, as long as the positive test reports to HIV (some pathogen which is either in their body, mind or in their guilt), their mental symptoms are matching with the proving of HIV-I (this pathogen is having an antigen with a molecule SG-120). As they remained positive to this in fact did not show any signs or symptoms which lead a person towards death like AIDS. Though when became negative they in fact entered into the state of depression, despairing, weariness and in broken down condition. Here the body's defence take another action (this is my version which I observed in my clinical proving) to defend the self by inducing diarrhoea or fever through which try to eliminate morbid substances and the dead cells from within the body either in form of stools or sweats.
While the books on HIV/AIDS are mentioning and which is a common believe that HIV kills defender cells (CD4) though some researchers believe that and some studies of modern medicines are also supporting which. That this is not the virus which kills the CD4, it is the CD8 (the commander general of the defence forces) destroy them when find them inactive or ineffective. This is the condition when the body's immune system will eliminate those dead cells and morbid substances from within the body in form of morbid substances through body's excretions. Which are matching with the proving of Psorinum. I found Psorinum but in low potency in terminal stages of TB patients and in AIDS also, when the patients become totally negative and were on verge of death. As Hahnemann had also said in chronic conditions with advanced stages of complication need remedy in very-very low dilution or potency not in high. Here, this nosode-II (Virionum i.e. Maul Dum) helped to made them positive again while the same remedy in potentised form i.e. in high powe (Virionum) will help the same person in its positive stages when they have no physical ailments except that their tests are positive. In their positive states of anxiety and anguish along with the fear for the status in society are very marked. In positive state of their health is also very marked. Therefore we say that HIV+ does not mean HIV infected. HIV infected patients are like those TB patients where diarrhoea helps to keep them alive and active as Dr. Kent had observed in his provings of Tuberculinum. Dr. Kent has already mentioned that 'if you will stop the diarrhoea of such patients then they will go more into the negative stages of health and may die'.
So my dear friends, nosode-II, in molecular forms are the pathogens like HIV or like other germs or viruses like in negative form. Therefore Today, most of the allopathic medicines which are now invented in their molecular forms which are nothing but like dilutions as are bio-chemic medicines of Homeopathy are. Since now the world has found the drugs which are in chemical forms i.e. in milligrams or in grams are harming more than solving the problems of mankind. It also means that the world is now realizing Homeopathic forms of medicine i.e. in minimum doses but are not accepting the law of homeopathy. For them which is still an assumption or miracle, the main stream of medical people though do not believe in miracles but often say that miracles do occur.
And now, 'How 2 minus would make 1 plus', the logic is, HIV though is considered as a virus with positive strand so it moves and try to hide in order to defend itself. This virus is so small that it can enter inside the genome of a host and tamper genes which are lying within the genome. In all are causing destructive diseases whether by tampering genes or inducing destructive lesions as in syphilis and TB, finally leading into a negative i.e. in minus stage. Here the remedy also should be in a minus form i.e. in more subtlest form not in the positive i.e. the potentised form then patient become positive from the minus i.e. negative stage. Here a high potentised form of that remedy though would be in similia would kill the patient. So my dear friends, this is why some stalwarts of homeopathy like Dr. Kent has warned that 'Be careful while using the remedies in higher potencies, ironically somewhere he has said he will prefer to live with Negros with having knives in their hands rather than with those homeopaths who use high potencies in such stages

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