We have celebrated Gandhi Jayanti but whether we have inference something from his principles and the pathos for which he was concerned for the last Indian. Today, the medicine has become beyond the reach of this last Indian. May I share here to introduce you what is this last Indian who lives in the ghetto like houses which have leaking roofs and wet floors during rains which further become inacceptable to live. Unfortunately and unfortunate last Indian has no option to live elsewhere, therefore have to live in certain circumstantial conditions. My friends here I want to share a case of one such last Indian who lives in one jhoparpatti (ghetto like houses)….
This was a case of Juvenile Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis which was suspected as Tubercular Osteomylitis. Rheumatoid arthritis is like rheumatism but with some differences. In rheumatic arthritis one or two joints may be involved along with cardiac symptoms while in this multi joints are involving that too symmetrically. This is a chronic condition mainly affecting the smaller peripheral joints and which accompanied by general ill health along with some deformities.
Though in this context recent researches have shown that in a classic rheumatoid arthritis two antigens (proteins) DW4 and DR4 have been found having some role in some more or less 40 to 50 percent of the cases though surprisingly these proteins have been also seen in some 25 percent of the control population which were without having any symptoms. However, these proteins, particularly DR4 considered to be causing erosive changes in the articular cartilage and underlying in those who have rheumatoid factors and when treated with gold developed immune complex nephritis, such were also having an association with HLA-B8 and DR3. Which means this is a mysterious disease in which immune mechanism of the patient is appeared to be responsible, whether was weak or confused or immuno compromised, were found in of serious category (class II) or of mild (class I) cases.
These antigens (Rheumatoid factor) or para-proteins which also considered as the cause of may have antibody specificity for IgG, IgM, and or for IgA henceforth will give a picture of syndrome in which inflammation of the joints causing by auto antibodies is considered to be the major feature. Another hypothesis is that the viral complexes, the end products of antigen and antibodies may be falling inside within the joints if not being eliminated out from within. This is here the Indian version, the Panch-Karma is being applied. Symptomatic modern medicine, where because the major case of such? And which is the reason large numbers of defender T cells are accumulated inside the joints of in such affected patients. It is also therefore a precise diagnosis of mild case (class I) is difficult. In which a guideline from the American Rheumatism Association may be helpful and which is symmetric arthritis, usually involving the knee joints or the small joints of the hands.
3 year old female child having recurrent boils with swelling in her left index finger with tendency for abscess and suppuration as if the bones of her hand have been affected was brought to us. Suspected as Osteomyelitis? of left index finger but since the other bones of her hands were also started showing the similar affection, therefore was also suspected Rheumatoid arthritis!? On examination we found some glands of her neck were also enlarged, which looked as if was the case of Burkitt's Lymphoma.
History revealed she had pneumonia 5-6 months ago when was one and a half year old and was treated by local doctors. The family was living in a Jhopadpatti (Ghetto like huts) and because of the rains of that year before got pneumonia because of their wet house due to the rains, child used to crawl on her knees that time on the wet flooring of their house. And which was the reason she developed pneumonia. However, when after got treated for pneumonia she started getting recurrent boils and for which was also treated by local physicians of the area of her Jhopadpatti. History revealed: Child received BCG and all other inoculation properly but was not having any BCG mark, scar or scratch.
Child was intelligent and also well-behaved but used to get very angry very easily, was short tampered. According to her mother, problem started after one another and which were in form of recurrent boils, abscess like finally affected her fingers and thumb, started from the index finger of her left hand. Gradually other fingers of the hands and feet were also got affected. Finally the child was admitted to J.J. Hospital of Grant Medical College and was investigated. God knows what happened to her there, according to her mother every time they wanted to do surgery to test her one joint. That made her suspicious so the mother got annoyed and took the discharge from the hospital against medical advice.
The case was taken by Dr. Mafkhar, M.D. in homeopathy, an young homeopath whose findings can be considered as a model for both allopath and homeopath. As per his Dr. Mafkhar notes; painful swelling of the metacarple bones which have tendency to suppurate. He also found hard nodular swelling in the submandibular region. Discharges were yellowish but after being discharged from the hospital, after repeated biopsies, became offensive. According to Dr. Mafkhar, the child was calm when he was examining her.
See this child, from her calmness went into a state of prostration and pathos. But at the same time the same child has started recouping her health by defeating her ailments? I simply applied how to help her to start her defence.
Dr. Mafkhar's prescriptions were, Thuja as inter-current, Phosphorus as clinical and I added Maul-Halib (Carcinosin Nosode) as constitutional. Child is now showing though improvement but with typical TB discharges with TB germs but simultaneously her clinical condition was showing improvement. Now the child is sleeping well, eating well and also playful along with the discharges. And which are perhaps certainly carrying TB germs. This also proves my theory, killing of germs causes more deeply seated disease. So say good bye to antibiotics. Learn the ways of nature to treat pathos, beyond pathies.
See she has proved the law of cure, with outward above downwards. All these pathogens and toxic proteins which are the cause of her ailment were brought out from there from where the orthodox healers were trying to find the cause by poking the child with the needles. Her hand the germs now, for which they were searching. God bless this child, this is the actual Indian system, where rain water is also a remedy. The problems of her gone down deep on to her legs! proving the law of healing

THANKS TO DrMirza Anwer Baig

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