by DrMuralidhar Sutar

You all know what is homoeopathy .Homoeopathy is a method of treatment which bears similar relationship between action of the drug and suffering of the patient or disease individual .Then what is the meaning of spiritual ? The ward ‘spiritual’ means, lacking of body ,form or substance ;that means subtle . Some says homoeopatic medicines are spiritual ,the cause of diseases are spiritual so we have named it as spiritual homoeopathy but exactly this is not the fact .Human being is not only a physical body composed of bone and muscles but also has some other subtle spiritual body like bio-plasmic body (energy body ) ,astral body (mind), spiritual body (three cosmic force –sentient ,mutative ,static and consciousness ).Human mind having different faculty like emotions ,will ,intellect ,expression ,and consciences. 
Our physical body is influenced by our bio- plasmic body and our bio-plasmic body is influenced by our emotions ;emotions are influenced by three cosmic forces i.e sentient ,mutative and static. .These three forces are very subtle electromagnetic waves like micro waves .Sentient having very low frequency like 1-4 waves/sec,mutative having 4-8 /sec and static having 8-12 or onward.Sentient is the representative of function , mutative is the representative of generation and static is the representative of destruction.Emotions those are product of static force like VIOLENCE turn the color of aura into red which having high frequency can cause the destruction or distortion of physical cells .similarly emotions those are product of mutative force like ANGER can change the frequency of mind which can affect the color of aura and that moderate frequency energy body causes abnormal generation of cells .Emotions like anxiety product of sentient force can change the frequency and color of aura causing functional disorder in the physical cells . 
In every entity of the universe ,all the three cosmic forces (gunas ) are present ,but they differ in degrees of domination.One entity differ from one another because of the differing degrees of dominance of cosmic force ( prakrti ) on them ,the differing proportion of static force (tamoguna ),mutative force (rajoguna )and sentient force (sattvaguna ).As in all entities of the universe ,all gunas are operating ;but in each ,one guna is dominant ,one guna has intermediate influence ,and third has the lest influence
So during homoeopathic treatment we have to take the rubrics of the mind from the predominated cosmic force .When you are selecting a similimum either basing on physical symptoms or basing on mental symptoms mechanically that is not spiritual homoeopathy ;that may be homoeopathy .Spiritual homoeopathy advice us to take the mental symptoms from the predominate cosmic force which is the cause of the diseases that will be similar with that individual spiritually 
So, spiritual homoeopathy is a method of treatment in which the selected remedy is not only similar with sign and symptoms of the patient but also with the subtle (spiritual ) components (cosmic forces) of the patient which is spiritual cause of the diseases.

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