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Sterility Due to Birth Control Pills among Females and Homeopathic remedy Folliculinum
When the ovaries have exhausted their energy after undergoing a series of infertility treatments this remedy can help restore fertility. It can also help re-start a natural menstrual cycle after years of birth control pill use and excess hormones as a result of estrogen dominance syndrome.
I first heard about this remedy while taking my course in women's health and homeopathy developed by homeopath Melissa Assilem with the British Institute of Homeopathy. The remedy is available at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy.

It should be taken in small doses in order to regulate a woman's cycle and it will bring on the period especially in cases of policystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis or where the uterine lining is overstimulated by excessive estrogen. According to Melissa Assilem, an optimum time to give Folliculinum is on the tenth to fourteenth day of the cycle.
Also different potency work in quite different ways: 3X or 4C stimulates and can bring on menstruation, the 7C is a balancer, and the 9C is a menstrual retardant, where there may be very frequent periods. This remedy is part of the Homeopathic Fertility Program and helps restore fertility in women.
Folliculinum is fairly well known. for having symptoms from ovulation to menses:
all symptoms < ovulation to menses
all symptoms > menses except specific menstrual symptoms
worse from heat, noise, touch, resting
better from fresh air. So there are ovulation problems such as:
drawing, burning, gripping pains,
ovarian cysts
polycystic ovaries
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4 - Folliculaemia. hyperfolliculinaemia or hypereserogenaemia is simply thc over secretion of oestrogen. The oestrogen half of the cycle works, but ovulation does not happen, so there is not enough progesterone produced. So periods happen every two weeks, or are delayed or may then not occur for several cycles. Bleeding may be heavier than normal - a characteristic of menstruation without ovulation. This happens in menopause, and in ovarian disorders like polycystic ovaries. It can occur in endometriosis. The orthodox treatment is to use Danazol. Danazol actually prohibits all the pituitary hormones! Goddess forbid! Danazol is also used to treat what they call benign breast disorders and precocious puberty.
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