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Muscular Atrophy (Progressive)
It is the head remedy and covers symptoms from simple irritation to complete destruction of muscles. It not only covers the muscles of brain but also of the trunk, extremities and muscles of other organs. Complete loss of sensation, weakness, cutting, gripping, trembling, twisting, shooting in the neck, contraction and atrophy of deltoid, oedema, unsteady gait, shortening of muscles. Worse at night and from motion. Give in 200 or 1000 dilution.

Muscular Atrophy (Progressive)

by DrAjit Kumar Nayak

Argentum Nit
Sensitiveness of spine; great pain in spine which is worse at night. General trembling and weakness of extremities; cannot walk with eyes closed; rigidity of calves, also debility; walks and stands unsteadily. Worse at night and from cold, better fronc fresh air.

Baryta CarbMuscular atrophy at the age of puberty.

It has hypertrophy in some parts and atrophy in others. The make-up of the patient should be kept in view-a tall, hollow chested individual with tubercular or syphilitic diathesis. Burning with trembling, numbness and weakness are the ranking symptoms.

Mar. Acid
It cures muscular weakness following the excessive use of opium.

Muscular atrophy. Pain in locomotor ataxia. Tremors. Pain in stomach and bowels like electric shocks.

Kali Phos
For muscular atrophy. It destroys the virus associated! with this condition. Is a constitutional remedy and should be given along with other remedies.

Arnica M, Cuprum Met.

Baryra Iod
Are also useful in the above disease. They may be tried in the given order when above remedies fail.

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