BY DrMirza Anwer Baig

Are we as homeopaths, being prepared for this? Don't be in euphoria that a drug like “Crotalus Horridus” (Rattle snake's venom in potentized form) will save like drug to a disease. I remember, if not mistaking, during the outbreak of a plague like epidemic of Surat which had occurred somewhere in 10th decade of the 20th century. Some media persons flashed the news about a homeopathic drug with reference to a well-known homeopath. The stock of that drug as was a drug to that got over from most of the shops of homeopathy. People started taking that out of fear as preventive. Though this epidemic remained restricted to Surat only, and had not taken a form of a pandemic. So people are always panic as if that disease would come as a pandemic worldwide spreading disease, so most of started taking preventive measures and or take that as preventive remedy and prophylactic, i.e. for safety.
Same thing happened in Mumbai during the historic flood of July 2005, which was in 'Mithhi River' near its delta which is in between Bandra and Mahim. During this epidemic about 200 young boys of Bandra died, who were those living at the banks of this river and like heroes saved many lives which were trapped in the flood on highway. They died like birds after catching flu like condition, the govt. doctors diagnosed that fever as ARDS. They had respiratory distress like of SARS and pains like of a patient of heart attack. Though the actual reason of the death was not clear, I came to know only after studying the situation while campaigning on the site of that river along with my students of Aarish Academy. The fact was that public health agencies and some NGOs distributed anti-malarial drugs to them free on the ground of humanity. Now you may be knowing that certain drugs like derivatives of quinine i.e. anti-malarial drugs can also may cause hemorrhages and cardiac arrest as well which one can see in ARDS. The books on toxicology have mentioned this, also books on homeopathy mentioned this as, with rubric, ailments due to the abuse of quinine. So my dear what to say, what happened in Mumbai, whether was fever or a drug. Quite possible, they died because of the drugs and not because of the disease which they contacted because of their own behavior and situation, remained in water for a long time. More if you want to know read my book “The Postmortem of Bird Flu” in which I have mentioned all details. Panic was spread in such a way, that it was bird flu, like plague. People started running away from the home. I found “Sagar Ghota” as drug on the basis of genus epidemicus of Hahnemann. This herb grows inside the bushes of the banks of this river near it's delta.
Sagar Ghota (Devil's Nut or in homeopathy which is Nata) is a herb of India. Also which is an example to explain 'Psora' of homeopathy and also an example of the Prophetic Homeopathy. I came to know just incidentally during this deluge. Initially the fever was in form of just a flu and malaria like but death of these boys made panic and which spread the message negatively in the whole city.
However ARDS kind of situation can only be arise due to cardio respiratory arrest, and to me which was a side effect of that anti-malarial drug which was freely distributed.
I would like to give one more example of such, which I came to know during my camp there in Bharat Nagar which is in Bandra (E) at the bank of this river where this panic was. Sheikh Iftekhar, 17 yrs old, died on 11.8.05 at K.E.M. Hospital, cause of death was, (as was mentioned in his death certificate) “Cardio Respiratory Arrest in a case of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome” (ARDS), antecedent cause febrile illness. Influenza also causes respiratory failure. The story of this young boy was very pathetic, details are in my book.
As influenza causes respiratory failure due to paralyzing respiratory muscles, Lassa or Ebola, may cause first lymphocytic chorio meningitis like Dengue of Mumbai. Here the remedies would be different as per the law of similia the law of homeopathy and would not be, as in so called allopathy of today, drug to a disease base. Case of Lassa fever of Western Africa which reported were of very high mortality, like Dengue these are also a kind of hemorrhagic fever. This ebola like fever was first observed in some provinces of Nigeria since 1969 i.e. after when appeared in some part of Europe in the year 1967.
There are other viruses too like Lassa or Ebola which can cause lymphocytic chorio-meningitis. In nature which spreads through small rodents, mice and rats. All these come in the family 'Arena viruses'. Later on when such type of hemorrhagic fevers were spread outside of Africa, in Argentina and Bolivian, because of this the need arise. The Microbiological Research Establishment at Porton in England and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, USA, geared up for diagnostic purposes with this Lassa and Marburg fever viruses which were also like Ebola virus but with negative strand. So what to say it is quite possible, after all viruses are kept on changing their make-ups. It is also therefore every epidemic and pandemics have their own genus epidemicus.
Hahnemann had defined genus epidemicus as an essence to that particular epidemical disease. So the question is if we have already in an euphoria about with a speculated remedy will be like as our like conventional i.e. like allopathy. Therefore with some decided remedy whether would be going to solve. It is therefore wait. Every epidemic has its genus epidemicus i.e. cardinal symptoms travel longitudinal as per latitudes. Example is SARS, which spread to Canada, not came to India which is its neighbor, but Canada is far away but is on the same latitude.
An epidemic takes six months to travel across i.e. from one latitude to another. Means if Ebola was there in Africa six months before it may come to India now in its favourable climatic condition; more heat during days cold in nights. Dengue also need similar climate and not spreads just around. It is because the climatic conditions are more important than to a virus.
Ebola has similar clinical picture, i.e. fatigue, pharyngitis, with blisters and ulcers and sometimes a maculapapular rash, in more severe cases bleeding of skin. The viruses from arena family also have such and which can be spread, not from a monkey, but from small rodents, mice and rats as well. And you know here in Mumbai these animals are everywhere, in the compounds of every society and also in the hutments.
Arena viruses are RNA viruses with a single-stranded genome, may be with positive or negative energies. The capsid symmetry is not known it is because virus has an envelope like AIDS virus which is irregular and varies in size. So why should we afraid from a virus, our bodies have many physiological mechanisms which permits us to adjust to basic variables such as temperature, supply of food and water and also physical injury. In the sense we must defend ourselves against invasion of any such. Ebola or Dengue like viruses which are single stranded, means don't have their partners hence use DNA of the hosts. Henceforth they can cause variety of problems including cancer by tampering genes of a host.
It is also therefore no single remedy can be a remedy for such virus. Homeopathy is for all therefore we should be lenient and not behave like orthodox. If Hahnemann is the father of homeopathy, Kent is the father of modern homeopathy.
Viruses can be only replicate inside the living cells, would die in a dead cell and this is what, Duesberg, (a professor of Burkley Univercity (USA) who argued argued, AIDS is not because of any HIV its just one chronic disease. HIV could be a harmless which is there because of antiviral drugs. Virus, particularly RNA, like a virus of common cold, pox or of zymotic fevers also herpes are rather our friends; not enemy. They help to build resistance of a child to fight against TB, Cancer and AIDS like conditions. Those people of India were more wise who considered pox fevers as Mata Ka Prakop. Therefore didn't dare to use any medicine. Same with herpetic eruptions, like herpes, simplex, peoples's believe was, “Makdi Mut” as if a spider had pissed there on the skin.
In today's society viral infections have influenced the life of a man as they infected throughout the history. But interestingly viruses and the disease they can cause relatively are of recent origin, why? Possibly antiviral drugs are the cause. Modern studies have revealed that even if you kill the virus the viral particles will active to cause disease. This is what Duesberg has observed in Africa and those who blame DDT to some extent are also right in their belief.
I think I must conclude if you will keep medicine as in one with your orthodox views whether Allopath or Homeopath are not going to solve the problems of mankind, one should be open minded, not like fanatic. What Hahnemann has said in his time, what we see now are having more additional puzzles and hurdles. Allopathy & Homeopathy are two laws, not the name of any drug. One analogue, another homologue, and that's all. Orthodoxy whether in allopathy or homeopathy is dangerous.
Lassa virus i.e. which are like Ebola and also Marburg, surprising part of this is, Lassa belongs to Arenaviridae family which was with negative strands, causing lymphocytic chorio meningitis as Ebola and Marburg. Yet most surprising part is that Ebola like Lassa has negative strand but Marburg was having positive. Then how one would say that an African virus has caused disease in Europe contracted through monkey!!
If these virologist and micro cellulogist would learn the simple language of logic then these people will not misguide people and the world. A negative virus of Africa after traveling to West became positive. So what about Dengue of India, whether in India Ebola will register it's in the name of Dengue. Be careful friends !!!
During such climatic epidemical conditions people should rely more on our tested remedies which are herbs such as in India – Ram Tulsi and Shyam Tulsi. Shyam Tulsi is like Brazilian Tulsi, in homeopathy it is known as Ipecacuanha occurring on the same altitude where this Ebola is now or was sometimes ago. Ancient Indian physicians (Vaids) knew the use of this Sacred Tulsi which is also sometime known as black tulsi since its leaves are darker than other species of this. In the same way Ram Tulsi is a Violet Tulsi. Indian Hakims knew this as Banafsha because of its flower which are blue coloured. In homeopathy it is Viola Odarata.
In ancient and medieval India people used to know the uses of these sacred herbs, as traditional, if ailments come during rains or after rains use Shyam Tulsi if in winter or after use Ram Tulsi. So nothing to worry my dear friends.

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