As gradually through media we are coming to know the actual lifestyle of the people of the regions from where Ebola has taken birth. Some say it is because of the bat's meat, some say it is because of the dog's meat while some are blaming their lifestyle the sole cause for this ebola out brake because the habitant of that where it has take an out brake habitual of bush meats bat, rat, monkey, dogs etc. etc. As influenza jumps from hen, human, horse, pig, duck and seal but it's natural reservoir is wild birds. It is also the same logic is being applied here that the reservoir of this virus is that money which has been linked with AIDS and Polio as well and henceforth the researches were on to find out the remedy and the majors for prevention. And also how to test the method of testing, though ebola first appeared in the year 1967 and similar kind of epidemics were reported until 1969. So here a question arises, in this period of 45 years of silence why this need to prevent the world from the clutches of this dreadful disease?
During few last decades virus infections have influenced the life of man, though viruses always existing throughout the history. May be because of the knowledge about viruses and the diseases which they cause are relatively of recent origin. Yes indeed, it looks so! It is because the expansion of virology and its knowledge to test etc. are also invented so much so that one can study the peptide and polypeptides of a virus now.
Peptides are chemical combinations of one or more amino acids which in fact form the basic anatomical structure of a virus. Amino acids are also the basic proteins which are important in forming the immunity of a person by forming antibodies. Antigens i.e. pathogens and or viruses are also need them for their strength and face value. DNA and RNA of the human genomes and also germs and viruses are needing them. It is also therefore, as naturopath and old allopaths, hakims and vaids used to say that more than 50% diseases are from because of the faulty digestive system of a person. If it is ok, you may be free from more or less half of the diseases known to mankind.
However, today medicine has become an industry therefore more people of wasted interest are now with the doctor and pharmacies and or with pathologists as well are coming with new ideas. One is making, another testing and the 3rd one is prescribing that in the name of medicine of today. The testing of the person will be deciding that he is being cured or not. May God bless us and our knowledgeable people who have now become the bosses of the medical world!!!
It is yet therefore shameful for a doctor either follow or protest. To protest needs a voice and with the grace of God the great great Facebook is providing us, so we must share our knowledge and experience with each other. Learning is a process and which causes by three things; watching, listening and by doing, not reading alone. If a technique like cell culture technique is defining polypeptide analysis and detailed nucleic acid characterization of virus particles and also its molecular events in infected cells. So, my dear friends, nature is also 2 steps ahead to with the knowledge of all this. Therefore not to waste time come to the point. A health crisis, whether due to war, poverty or starvation, etc. or over-eating, over relaxation and also over work having or being receiving the effects of over warm, whether in you or us or to any other animals. Virus takes origin from here. It is also therefore to destroy virus to protect ourselves from a virus is not an answer. By destroying virus by any means is going to produce more and more viruses. It is because virus replicates.
Viruses are like snake venom but with a little difference, a snake venom though have amino acids but not in organized form while viruses have. Therefore are known as virus a living individual like us. Ancient Arabs named them as the forces of 'Shaitan' the evil god. Therefore Hakims (old allopaths) termed such kind of diseases like diphtheria or syphilis to the diseases from 'Shaitan' in their own terminology “Amraaze Khabeesa”. Khabeesa means those evil kind of existing persons though not visible, but which are existing and causing disease.
The difference between toxins (chemical form of amino acids) and virus (organized form of amino acid) is little. Toxins are in non-organized forms while viruses are in organized form.
The modern medical structure though can identify the existence of a virus through its modern sophisticated tests but cannot define yet, how a virus can cause a disease. It is because most of the viruses are harmless they are there where the economy of a person would be tormented or the situations. It is also therefore during the time of war, riots, etc. or such kind of calamities if there, more of viruses would be arising.
Ebola related problems are there, are now about 3-4 decades old but, today's medicine is now highlighting them it is may be now because some pharmaceutical companies have come out with some drug or drugs which can kill this virus, and a test that has also been designed to terrorize. This is all the business of 3 musketeers and that's all. May God bless us from the clutches of such monkeys.

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