The history of Tuberculosis (TB) is the story of medical failure, as said by someone, may be proving true, at least here in Mumbai. Every day 20 people are dying due to the TB in Mumbai alone, reported by media. In spite of hundred percent inoculations for TB, now fifty years, TB is here in India. And which now is multi drug resistant and total drug resistant kind, which also means a curable disease condition has converted into incurable malignant condition. TB (Tapedique in Arabic) was also known as ‘sill’ in medieval era, the sickness after getting wet in wet weather. Ancient Indian hakeems, (physicians of medieval India) treated, sometimes, this with simple rain water.
See an example of ‘similia’ : Ghalib the poet of Asia, defining the causes of this i.e.‘sill’. In his words, “Rains from the sky may be for few hours but my roof of the house raining continuously for many hours. This was how poverty was the cause of “Sill” (TB) in his time, while today over crowdedness and ghetto like houses are the prime cause of TB.
simple rain water.
As per the guidance of ancient Indian hakeems, who used to collect rain water in a pot with a narrow neck and wide bottom, I collected this particular water drop by drop and named this as per their nomenclature as “Nisaa_n Water”. In Greek, Nisaa_n is a name for the month of rains, sometimes in that month rains are poring non-stop. In India this particular period of rains was known as ‘Hast-Nakshatra’. According to Greeks, this water comes from the heaven and which was useful in the ailments related to rains such as now allergy and asthma particularly which if are occurring during rains. In my proving of with this Nisaa_n water I found this as correct. This is a remedy for allergy and asthma and can also prevent tuberculosis i.e. TB. It is also because sometimes recurrent allergy and asthma would become the mother of TB.
WHO declared TB as global emergency since 1993, it may be because of the emergence of TB, not in India, in USA and also in some parts of Europe. TB was noticed in the city of New York and also in the prisons of Russia. TB had also resurgence in the UK and in the refugee camps of Central Africa and also in North America during some cholera epidemics. Henceforth due to this, researchers responded to this new crisis, it was because TB was considered as the disease of the past and also of India. Hence, it is also therefore the measures to prevent this new scourge which was in US and Europe (somewhere in between 1978 to 1980) new tools for diagnosis to prevent this were the need and which was through vaccines. And until today which are being observed.
However, but the problem is still, rather which had more extended, TB is now throughout the globe, also resurging in AIDS patients, in patients of Typhoid and Malaria also. Surprisingly most of such cases are found during conventional treatment as resistant, which means whether TB is an infective disease or is a disease which reactivates and not infects. Yet more surprising is, the fact that is in fact, in most of such cases, no TB germs can be isolated. So why we should have such drugs which are known to destroy these TB germs or which are also known to stop their growth!
God knows, the bitter fact is, TB germs may not be causing TB which we believe as the cause and it is therefore this which may be believed to be the cause is not true and that is therefore we with our conventional anti-TB drugs cannot win the crusade against TB. If TB is reactivating, means, the germs are more or less in every one of us. So why HIV should be blamed or any flu or some other virus? It is also therefore TB and HIV may be the products of the situation and not the causes.
Then why to blame as what WHO is considering, TB as a direct consequence of poverty and of poor political leadership. In the sense which could also be possible with our orthodox conventional medicines, which can only be helping in eradicating symptoms not disease, rather has become the sole cause of syndromes. TB germs and or HIV can be activated due to certain conditions whenever where the crisis either due to economy or due to health, by various reasons i.e. whether in a prison or during riots or after being treated for variety of climatic diseases like fever, whether of flu or malaria or typhoid, etc. One more problem is with modern technology which can test TB, Typhoid or Malaria just in few hours or in a day though the formation of antibodies take some days to form. Then wrong reports mostly, which come due to over lapping of antigens. Therefore out of 10, 7 will give wrong results and then patients will receive wrong treatment.
TB germs have two molecules, DNA and RNA. DNA part of this can be destroyed through anti-TB drugs but not RNA part of this bacillus or a molecule. Then killing TB germs means causing more serious diseases. This concept i.e. hypothesis of mine, that dead germs release toxins, and which in fact tamper gene, I learned this in my clinical experience and tried to present my thesis through some medical journals but they out-rightly refused.
The DNA of TB bacilli cause pneumonic TB, while it’s RNA causing extra pneumonic TB and tubercular like conditions, like TB of bones, TB of brain and TB of various other organs. Anti-germs can destroy the DNA part of TB Bacilli but not its RNA particles of this germ. Henceforth they use the DNA of the host to multiply by entering inside its genome. What I found in my clinical experience at least 50% mothers, at their teenage, had TB and treated with conventional drugs, the offspring of such mothers either were having TB like affections or of even cancer. So, what is all this whether TB, Typhoid, or Malaria are having some relations or whether virus, parasites or germs causing disease. I think we should turn our medical science onto its head then hopefully we will be able to do something to help mankind.

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