BY  Meh Jabin Rahim Khan

Before sharing my experience about this case, let me introduce myself. I, Meh Jabin Khan, happened to be a student of Aarish Academy. I have received the precious knowledge about Naturopathy, Homeopathy & Yoga from this institute & Alhamdolillah, taking its advantages in my day-to-day life. Herewith, I would like to share this case, who is nothing but my Sweet Mother.
My mother aged 65 years, after getting a bout of viral fever, developed respiratory failure to which we hospitalized her in Riddhi Siddhi Hospital, situated at Mira Bhayandar Road, Mira Road on 12th June 2014. Dr. Sanggita Checker, Consulting Pulmologist, after attending my mother, asked about her history & habits. I was knowing that in her young age she used to work on electric loom (making cloths) at her native. I revealed that thing to her. She told me due to that, now my mother is suffering from the respiratory distress & her saturation level is not increasing. She was admitted in the ICU & was kept on respirator. Lots of medicines, glucose, injections were administered but the result was a big ZERO. The whole unit tried to make her stabilized for 3 days but recovery was next to impossible according to them as my mother was totally disoriented. The kind doctor Dr. Sanggita called us in her chamber & revealed the truth that, “Your mother cannot survive more, may be till next week or next month; I cannot say about tomorrow too. So better you take her home, make your home as an ICU room by having a Bi-pap (respirator), a hospital bed & the patient with Catheter & Rhyle's tube”. The bill of the hospital along with medications was approximately one lac rupees & we all are 5 sisters, 2 are married, staying nearby, father is expired & we 3 sisters are working for our livelihood & taking care of mother & home. The nice doctor advised us out of humanity as we were unable to afford the hospital charges.
As per her advice I contacted the person for bi-pap, suggested by her & hired that device on daily basis. We shifted my mother to our home which was giving a look of ICU room only. The respirator was used 24x7 as only for half an hour in 24 hours we can remove it as per the doctor's advice. As the hospital unit discharged her with NO HOPES AT ALL, my hope was from ALLAH RUBBUL IZZAT & it became stronger when my mother expressed her wish to meet Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig. My younger sister is attached to Aarish Academy where Sir Dr. Baig visits to take lectures & consultations of patients too. So we requested him to visit to our home. The very next day Sir came home. At that time the respirator was on, (respirator is a device which is used to maintain the breathing movements of paralyzed patients, here, air is blown into the patients lungs via a tube passed either through the mouth into the trachea or through a tracheostomy. Air is released from the lungs when the pressure from the respirator is relaxed.) removal of which was giving her distress. She was unable to breathe, the bed was in prop-up position always, nil by mouth, liquid was given through rhyle's tube only, her feet were swollen & she was in totally broken down condition, was not able to sleep whole night & was restlessness. Sir Dr. Baig examined her, asked about her sufferings, in between he also observed the bi-pap machine & then called me & my elder sister in the academy & explained that my mother is near to her fate. Then too with a hope he prescribed a medicine which should be given to her when the respirator is removed & her discomfort (unable to breathe) starts.
As per his suggestion, we started the said medicine frequently, as the time was passing the gap of being without respirator was increasing. She was able to breathe without it for more time but the swollen feet was same. This time again Dr. Baig visited my home. He examined her again thoroughly & asked me to give her rich proteins & also advised to remove catheter as my mother was now stated walking with support. So we did the same. As her conscious level was totally normal, now she stated asking for food as she was feeling hungry. But the hospital's doctor had strictly said not to give anything from mouth so we were hesitating. When I went there to the hospital for follow-up that doctor was surprised to know that my mother is recovering & that too with homeopathy. Now she suggested semi-solid food through mouth & some protein powder & some more medication but the anti-biotics to be stopped.
As her condition was stabilizing, I stopped all the allopathic medicines & also the respirator was removed finally & I sent it back. Rhyle's tube was of no use as she started eating everything through mouth. So rhyle's tube was also removed. Now she was walking & roaming in the flat, giving suggestions & orders in day-to-day life, Alhamdolillah. The eatables which she was unable to take before getting ill, now demands & also they get digested. She is now totally fit & fine, helping us in household work, praying & all.
Can you guess the remedy, I am just a beginner. Sir explained me what way the rubric or the guiding symptoms of my mother. When he visited for the first time to my mother, he sat for some time, was constantly observing the functioning of that bi-pap machine which was working with the barometric pressure inside mask, was made empty to suck out the air by the machine within the lungs, got exhaled out automatically to fill the vacuum and then the machine making the way of oxygen to go in.
Sir Dr. Baig explained me the actual symptoms of the patient which was just opposite to this. She was able to inhale but unable to exhale. The medicine given by him worked very well & Shukra Alhamdolillah, she is back to the pavilion, you can say.

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