Should we need a new definition for this MDR-TB i.e. the Total Drug Resistant TB? How far as Doctors we will continue to befool lay-public and or the governments through this jugglery of words i.e. in language of Greece which are being used in medical terminology.
Should AIDS control or TB control bodies would take a note to this what I have found during the period of my research of 10 years, which was based on clinical studies of variety of such cases with a similar history; Got wet in rains, developed Malaria, then had Typhoid, for which were treated and during the treatment got affected to TB. While treated to this for years, finally developed Multi Drug Resistant TB and then AIDS.
In the sense, whether a new definition to these terms, Multi Drug or The Total Drug Resistant or whether TB, Typhoid, or Malaria are now incurable conditions. Which also means the era of failure of antibiotics, in fact the truth which is lying in a nexus between all these; getting wet, got malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, then – Drug Resistant! Finally AIDS? This has already happened in USA and in Africa and is now happening here in India. I don't know, God knows, may be this is true!!
Here is one example, Mr. M. A. Ansari (Ref: 9576, Mafkhar Clinic), 27 year old a young man from Dhule, who was a case of Bilateral Pneumonic Tuberculosis, and was on Anti Koch's Treatment, with 3 times relapses in a period of 4 years. Finally, declared as Multi Drug Resistant TB. His weight was 40 kg at the time of arrival on 11.10.2013.
History revealed, 4 years back he got wet in rains then developed fever with chill and was initially treated with orthodox healers as Malaria, later for Typhoid, his mother had died of TB. During these 4 years he used to get evening rise fever with chill and during this fever he used to go to sleep, sometimes into comatose sleep.
History further revealed: During 4 years of treatment with allopathy, he developed active lesions of TB bilaterally in his both lungs. History revealed while allopathy could not do in 4 years, homeopathy cured him just in nine months. The cause to his disease was not TB bacilli but was rains, i.e. was getting wet in the rains. The guiding symptom which has treated him as main tool was his sleep; he used to sleep during fevers.
In this case, who was declared incurable by the conventional therapist, was cured, but how could have been cured through non-conventional therapist? My dear friends, will you believe, now see the date wise findings and judge the case and find remedy.
Recently the news was that conventional doctors should be trained about the doses of these so called anti-tubercular drugs or otherwise their license will be cancelled. Whereas the is the license of the manufacturers of such drugs should be cancelled since the gene of the TB germs or the molecules of the TB has already changed with the time therefore the drugs tested hundred years ago cannot be the remedy of today's TB.
May God give the sound mind to think; TB is not drug or multi drug resistant, its curable if properly understood. Here the doctrines of homeopathy will guide.

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