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by  DrMirza Anwer Baig 

In my last post someone asked about euthanasia and wanted to know that, if is there any other remedy other than the Phosphorus which is known as a drug to be used as euthanasia. As we all know euthanasia is a mercy killing and is a controversial matter since some countries are in favor while some are against. In fact euthanasia is a French word for easy killing though known since centuries from the era of Greeks, such as Socrates was offered a ship of Hemlock (poison) to choose his death peacefully. His crime was that in that time he predicted the earth is round and not flat. He was offered that either accept that you are wrong or choose your own death. The need of this mode of peaceful death was arisen in this modern era during the time of French revolution where the people were so much annoyed and had developed hatred towards their own leaders that had started killing them brutally and hitting mercilessly on the roads. So some leaders from the rebel group suggested them if they want to die peacefully they should choose their own way to die rather than to be killed mercilessly and being slaughtered or butchered.
In the post war of civilized era Euthanasia was medically carried out with some drugs like hypnotics and sedatives given inject-ably or orally, from time to time in different countries, particularly for those patients who were incurable by all stand points and or their sufferings were not bearable and were beyond repairs. However, in Homeopathy some stalwarts of homeopathy like Kent have pointed out certain remedies such as Phosphorus, Lachesis and Sulphur which may act as euthanasia as well after giving relief to those patients whom conditions were totally broken down and would be of beyond repairs by any means. Now see the example of one such case and you decide...
This 5-6 yrs. old girl came to us some 10-12 yrs. ago in a state of coma. She was discharged from a govt. hospital after explaining her parents that they should take the child home since she is not going to live long. This is what the patient was brought to us with a hope. History revealed some time ago was getting toothache for which was treated by some local doctors then was referred to govt. dental hospital. There her tooth was extracted but her pain did not go even in spite of lots of pain killers and antibiotics. Some days later she developed a nodular swelling from the site of extraction, though was undergone for a surgical excision of that nodule too but after which had developed a bigger nodule and which was growing very fast and was also extended up to the bones of her ear. At this stage was diagnosed as cancer of connective tissues. She had also developed the signs of Weber’s syndrome, the ptosis of left eye along with infection of the left ear and also the loss of voice and gradually went into comatose sleep.
At this stage in the hospital she undergone various kinds of diagnostic procedures and therapeutics but in spite of all those she went into coma and from that stage the doctors of the hospital requested her parents take the child home because now they are not having any known treatment for this condition.
Now see the indicated clinical and causative remedy of this child relieved her sufferings and she came out from her coma, lived for a few more days and when looked that she had already defeated the underlying disease i.e. the cancer, one night when she slept nicely and quietly, passed away peacefully. This gives us a lesson that in such beyond repairable conditions homeopathy works after giving relief to the conditions to which was suffering and allow to pass away peacefully.

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