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The vaccine known to tuberculosis (TB) is BCG but how far this is helpful in controlling TB has been not yet proved. Some believe it has reduced the rising incidence of pneumonic tuberculosis, some say it had helped in controlling tuberculosis of children in the past. While some express in tears for the failure by blaming its type & quality and therefore it is quite possible in near future its different form is going to be available for prevention against TB. And it is also quite possible that BCG will be in recombinant form i.e. a new form with a new hope, certainly will not be in injectable form. May be in form of an inhaler and to which one has to inhale it, and that’s all. God knows what kind of that vaccine will be and what way that going to help mankind by bringing down the incidence of re-emerging TB.
Vaccines against pathogen of diseases are made by making them attenuated or inactivated in such a way that they should not be remaining as pathogenic but to a certain extent be also remained in certain form which can trigger immune system so that the vaccinated child should learn to defend itself in case if more powerful strains of such pathogens would strike. In the sense most of the vaccines, whether live, dead or recombinant (engineered) are going to be effective when if we allow to fight ourselves to that non-self, but by taking medicines for each and every disturbance induced by that vaccine the purpose of immunization is going to fail. The purpose of immunization is to create a lesser evil to protect against major one.
Immunity is a Greek word, in ancient Greece which meant exempted from all kind of taxes and which was to be implicated to those who had small pox but survived. Henceforth after being exempted from all taxes their only work was to look after the sufferers who would fall ill with small pox because the people used to be terrified and run away leaving the patients behind on the mercy of God. But a person who had small pox and living means that will not going to get again that disease and that is because of immunity which develops within the body after the exposure to that infection. Same principles are being applied for the other infections or communicable diseases like TB & Typhoid etc.
Today, the trend has been changed, people use to take medicines for every small - small things, don’t allow their immune system to acquire immunity after fighting with the pathogens with the help of conventional symptomatic medications which are available as per drug to a disease, this is for fever, for diarrhoea, for cough etc. as if medicine is a departmental store. In fact these things actually interfere in the process of formation of defence, beside also help in making the acute condition into sub-acute and chronic and which will be depending as per the constitutional soil of the patient. That means some develop complications very fast and die and some suffer a long and recover. This is what in homeopathy we talk of a person to be treated.
In the same way there are pathogens such as like TB & Typhoid, these germs can cause variety of diseases. It is because they carry more foreign substances in form of virus or viral particles, also certain viruses like of polio carry variety of foreign substances (proteins) like Simon monkey virus which can cause even cancer.
However, it is therefore BCG (Bovine-bacillus Calmette Guerin) being a live vaccine has the potential to carry more foreign substances like viral & chemical particles. To avoid this Calmette & Guerin (2 French scientists) the discoverer of this vaccine kept this in ox-bile for about 14 years to detoxicate and then recommended for prophylactic use. Now, one can imagine that for prophylactic use of this vaccine at least billions and billions vials would be needed worldwide that too almost every day. So ?!! The difference will be therefore in different makes like difference between scotch from Scotland and the scotch from any other country.
Recent researchers in modern infection and immunity science (Davies, Halablab, Clarke & Young ) from King’s College, London have shown that majority of the TB germs are harmless then why few may be causing serious or the resistant kind of disease in the human? And as we know germs of tuberculosis and leprosy are actually intra-cellular pathogens, live inside the cell and also multiply there, even if being eaten by phagocytes (one of the defender cell which destroy the infected cell and engulf them) they can survive even in this hostile environment inside the phagosomes by reducing fusion between the phagosome and lysosomes. It is also therefore they can survive in strong acid zone as well and therefore also known as acidfast. And which may be the reason several effective drug therapeutics including BCG have failed or failing to control TB.
In this context some recent researchers have also revealed that an enzyme Lysine (one protein) which is an essential amino acid and which is the back bone of the immune system help in forming the resistance to fight against TB. This protein is present in rich amount in wheat i.e. in our daily bread and chapati but if these are being heated again and again or over heated as in fast food business then this protein or enzyme gets destroyed. According to researchers this amino acid is also necessary for the growth and also for maintaining the strength of the body by keeping the balance in immunity of a person. The deficiency of this cause nausea, dizziness and anaemia and which are also the early symptoms of tuberculosis. Lysine also helps in the process of lysis. Lysis is a process through which germs can be destroyed or defeated by our own immune system. For example one enyme Lysozyma which has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties produced by this Lysine and released through tears to destroy germs and pathogens also viruses.
So my dear friends, allow your children to weep because this is one of an act of the defence against germs and viruses. We should focus on wheat like simple foods rather than Tonics & drugs.

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DrMirza Anwer Baig

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