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As I said in my some previous posts that if tumour can be converted into infection it can be treated. I also said that Infection is an interaction between the host and pathogens. Here I want to add that the body defend self against pathogens by inducing humoral and cellular responses of the system which include pursing and vomiting, itching and sweating through tears, ear discharges and discharges from the nose as in the condition like common cold.

The Indian physicians defined this basic interaction to defend self by 5 actions of the body i.e. which they termed as Panch Karma. Panch means 5 and Karma means action. They defined these 5 actions as : ....1) Oral or Anal....2) Nasal or Conjunctival....3) Aural....4) Dermal.....and 5) Urethral or Vaginal. Modern medical science identifying them by defining in form of 5 Basic Immune Globulins, such as : ......1) IgG...2) IgA....3) IgM....4) IgD.....and 5) IgE. In fact which is providing a proof to our Indian vedic system, because these 5 different proteins have been found in 5 different routs of the human or animal system from where a body can eliminate the morbid substances or toxins and viruses from within the body.

The natural way of this is when this should be produced in a natural way and clearing from not by forcefully inducing i.e. in a artificial way as is being practicing in some orthodox hospitals and clinics of Indian system in the name of Panch Karma. Inducing purge of stools through strong purgatives or by applying leaches to soak the blood or through blood letting through the joints etc. is not the actual panch karma as envisaged by ancient Indian gurus of medicine. Hahnemann had also condemned this kind of practice which was popular at the time of his era. Here one example to show how simple problems can become a mysterious one and at times which also cannot be treated and declared incurable by so called conventional therapists of our era.

This girl of 10yrs. old that time, was brought to us in a very ugly shape, since was suffering with some mysterious pathology in form of various cysts and tumours which were scattered over her head, ears and also around her nose. She was very sad and depressed, also despaired of recovery to which was suffering from. The pathology of hers was in form of fibromatous lesions, means were not heard or soft type.

History revealed that pathology started in form of a keloid on her one ear. History further revealed that she had eczema there in her ear at first and which was treated by a dermatologist i.e. the skin specialist. Eczema after his treatment got suppressed so were the discharges to which family thought she was cured. But after few days was occurred again and again and she was being treated in the same way by applying locally the Cortico-steroids type of ointments which finally resulted in formation of a keloid to which was operated by a surgeon considering was a different disease.

After few days is reappeared, now in more bigger form and in different sizes around that lesions from where was operated and which was looking horrible in appearance. The child was sent to Wadia Children Hospital of Mumbai where underwent to batteries of tests and also was undergone to biopsy tests. In spite of all this the specialist doctors of that hospital did not find about the clue of her illness. Incidentally there was a team of interns from USA in that hospital in search of variety of mysterious problems which are occurring in India. They collected various samples from this girl and took along with them from there (USA) they sent the ultimate diagnosis of this poor girl by naming her problems as under :

According to them she was a case of Juvenile Onset Hay-line Fibromatosis with a remark that such kind of cases are being hardly reported from through out the world. According to their study there were hardly some 2-3 cases of such kind and which are no more and they labeled her problem as incurable.

However when was declared incurable by all stand point her parents had no option other that either to go as per the declaration of US physicians or should believe in their own system. And that was the reason she was brought to us for being treated as naturally. While examining her we did not find any BCG mark on her left shoulder. Here I would like to say that the students of Aarish Academy and of Mafkhar Clinics are well versed on seeing this very simple test i.e. of BCG mark to analyse the immunity or immune response of a child. 

Now, my dear friends, here is turn, how she should have been treated ? Please guess the ready which have treated her. Surprisingly she had brought the BCG scar at the age of 12yrs. though which she received at the time of her birth


She was sad and despaired was silently suffering in silence due to her disease with ugly look. There were no friends of hers in school, classmates were reluctant to sit next to her as if she was something very horrible. She was not communicative but her pathos were telling everything including with which she was suffering from. After shifting from hospital to hospital and doctors to doctors, her grief of the pathos had turned her into disappointment which I observed from her face at the time of her first arrival.

The nature of her pathology, in form of so big tumours, though looked sycotic but her pathos on her face looked to me as Psoric. Psorics are emotional and sentimental while sycotics have anxiety, fear, stupidity or listlessness. She had rich expressions of grief, had eczema on her right ear when was just of one year old and since then was suffering from. Eczema is a psoric manifestation, expressions of fine contamination of white lymph, actually which is an outlet for the TB germs and if being suppressed would be giving variety of complications like allergy, asthma, arthritis, etc. This is what homeopaths believe, while allopaths think this as dermatitis i.e. infection if being not treated would cause more complications. While a suppressed eczema may be converting into keloid like condition, most of the allopaths would not be convinced that keloids are in fact an over growth of scar tissue or are the tissue which are taking part in formation of scar after healing of that wound. If I would explain this then I had to tell you about the helper cells. Now what are helper cells? On which certain tests based on western technology would make yours peaceful nights into sleepless. The first keloid which was seen in the medical history was by Dr. Burnett, who defined this and who is also the authority of Nosodes, his Scirrhinum, a well known nosode which can cure cervical cancer in a better way than what the modern approach is. He proved it on himself then presented the hypothesis of treating breast tumours as if like a guideline a center in the naval, as to which some books regarded as keynote for its use, i.e. for the tumours of breast.

Hyaline is a very fine glass like material and which can defuse inside cells as well as inside the genomes. And as we know genomes contain genes and we also know that Tuberculosis is also a infection of such kind which can enter even inside the genomes. Her BCG mark which was not there indicates has gone to somewhere. It is because after so many manipulations, her immune system got confused or some genes got tampered which was supposed to take part in the process of healing or those pathogens which were eliminating through the eczematous discharges after being suppressed got diffused inside within the body.

One more possibility, whether the child was immune-compromised or immune-suppressed at the time when had received BCG. Most of the new borns of today are of such kind since most of the time which are the off-springs of stressful mothers. Also an immune system of a child takes 3 months time to develop the understanding of its own immunity until that it receives the innate immunity from its mother through vertical transmission or through breast feeding. But if the mother herself lacks this, then….so are various reasons. Sometimes also known as HIV related means such lesions are AIDS like i.e. not AIDS, Cancer or TB either but are like them.

In this case, the first remedy was anti-psoric, thereafter various other, the miasmatic, clinical and complimentary, also as inter-current like Thuja and Silicea. The first prescription changed her mind, made her hopeful, thus was co-operating throughout. She is now 20 year old. As she defeated the pathogens of TB, also formed a well defined BCG scar which means has now protected against TB. The first prescription was Ignatia. And which was repeated every time when was in crises. The Complimentary was Nosode – 1 (my discovery) and which she still takes as her helping remedy her all rubbish kinds of tumours and cysts got shrunk. As someone asked that how long I have treated her so my friends she was 10yrs old that time now is 20yrs old and her left arm showing the well formed the BCG scar. And I should also say that she is certainly beautiful. Since she is grown up I cannot show her face, you just guess if want from her shoulder only.

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