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As so many people are always asking about as per drug to a disease, whether homeopathy knows the treatment of this or that? At times which also irritates by replying the same answer again and again that ‘homeopathy treats a person and that person would treat that disease’. In Homeopathy this person is called as VITAL FORCE, a force which is being generated within the body by the vital organs. These vital organs produce variety of enzymes, receptors and hormones etc. and to which allopaths may be defining or labeling the name of disease in relation to these that so and so is lacking in that patient or so and so has increased etc. So, how to assess this and which is an art. It is because like so called allopathy, homeopathy is not a mechanical subject, it is a law and not the name of any medicine. Though allopathy is also a law but today’s allopathy is being controlled and dictated by business interests so it has become more like a technical, mechanical, engineering, management and so on. Sad-fully to say that allopathy has become like a milking cow which attract variety of faculties.
For example, here is this case, 9 yrs. old beautiful girl entered in my chamber with a smiling face while her father was in a state of depression and with a sad face. He came with the x-rays and scanning of her daughter which were revealing that she was suffering from a mysterious disease, Scapulo-Humeral Arthropathy. And which has no treatment according to orthopaedic specialists who have seen this child.
History revealed that her elder brother in a mood of joking caught her legs at her ankles and turned her round and round forcefully like a marigold game. What happened, during this act though she was giggling throughout in the game but when landed on the ground she discovered that her both shoulders were dislocated from joint. Left side was more pronounced than the right. Later on when was taken to the hospital they found this mysterious disease that the fault is lying in the construction of humerus and scapula due to some genetic defects which has made this kind of dislocation.
Now, her problem was whenever she used to bring her arm forwardly those joints of the scapula pushes the arm bones forwardly and the scapular bones themselves goes to more backwardly which used to make a very odd kind of appearance. Since she was a female and this deformity was the matter of concern and worrying for the father.
However, I prescribed on her smile and not for the pathology which was labeled by our allopathic colleagues. Here the main symptom was the expression of her face like a couplet of one Urdu poetry –
Jinke Hothon pe hansi, Paanv me chhale honge
Haan wahi log tumhe chaahne waale honge...
(i.e. The people with smile on their lips with blisters in feet. Yes indeed, they are those, who are the real lovers of you ).
Arnica was the remedy, which I gave in single dose of a higher potency, supported by the Nosode-1. She became alright just in few weeks. The most important clue was that she was not having the BCG mark or scar i.e. was an immune-compromised child. One more mysterious thing which we observed, that her fingers were turning like fingers of an old lady with dark pigmentations.
The question is why such kind of mysterious diseases are being occurring in this era particularly amongst children to which most of the time doctors link them to the genes and most of such children don’t have BCG mark. And I have discussed about my research regarding this in some of my posts and in my book ‘Surgery without Knife’ as well (in detail).
Recent researches have shown that TB bacilli have two sets of molecules one is of DNA another is of RNA. DNA causing the main lesion i.e. of the lungs and being having their own DNA they multiply and get eliminated out from within the body through sputum. This is how they complete their cycle of evolution and simultaneously also the child develop a lifelong immunity against them as well. This is how a simple pneumonia due to these similar germs can help in building the resistance of a child to fight against TB.
Unfortunately, today because of the misuse and early use of antibiotics (since patients have no patience so are the doctors) it interfere in developing the process of immunity in a child due to which the DNA part of TB bacilli being destroyed but the RNA part of that remains and releases from its component and then defuses into different organs or tissues of the body. It is because RNA viruses or RNA molecules of TB germs do not have their own DNA. They are single gender i.e. they don’t have partners so cannot multiply. It is therefore they try to enter inside the genome of the host. And this is how the story of HIV starts from here. This is the main reason why the incidence of AIDS are being rising day by day though incidence of HIV may be declining now because of not antibiotics but because of the anti-viral drugs. This is also the main reason that AIDS is not being caused by HIV it may be causing because of killing of TB germs. This is what my understanding and which I am trying to explain to the fraternity of TB and AIDS world, that TB and AIDS have a nexus between them and not the HIV is the sole cause rather it’s a just an opportunistic infections like a TB germ. AIDS is being causing by so called HIV, I don’t believe. It may be yet another chronic disease like tuberculosis. And the treatment of such mysterious diseases are lying somewhere in this nexus. This is the reason my Nosode - 1 and Nosode – 2 always have become the remedy for most of such conditions as their proving are matching with the present conditions like AIDS, Cancers and TB.

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