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Prof Dr Michael Frass

Homeopathy as Alternativa to antibiotics

By Prof. Dr. Michael Frass

Today, Prof. Dr. Michael Frass, Medical University of Vienna, in the European Parliament. The topic: Homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics. Click here to read his summary:
The problem of antibiotic on the one hand, the increasing development of resistance to germs, on the other hand also the underlying problem of infection, namely, the restoration of the terrain is not reached. Another problem arises, for example, that 90 percent of all infections of the upper respiratory tract are virus related, but 75 percent of all antibiotics are prescribed for infections of the upper respiratory tract. Several studies in homeopathy show, firstly, that homeopathy is at least equivalent such as antibiotics and on the other hand, that homeopathy for diseases that are usually treated with antibiotics, is effective.Scientific studies on the use of homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics were performed mainly in respiratory infections and ear infections. An international observational study with 500 patients with complaints of the upper or lower respiratory tract or ear complaints showed that 83 percent of patients with homeopathy experienced an improvement in contrast to 68 percent with conventional medication. The homeopathically treated patients had a faster relief of symptoms (67.3 percent) than the conventionally treated (56.6 percent). Several randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trials involving 100 to 200 patients demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathy for conditions that are usually treated with antibiotics, such as acute or chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and otitis media.

Study Overview:

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