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As some of you requested for some more examples to make understand the concept of 'How tumour can be converted into infection and then can be treated'. And how the Nosodes are helping such i.e. helping or toning the immune system. Most of you, as homeopaths will not agree if I say immune system is a vital force. Actually vital force is a translation of an Arabic nomenclature where ancient Arabic & Persians hakeems used to call it 'Quvvat-e-Aaza-e-Raeesa. Quvvat in arabic means force and Raees means vital and Aaza means organs. So vital force is a force which is creating within the body through the harmony of vital organs. Now the word immunity, is one such part which is depending upon the functions of vital organs, such as liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, pituitary and certainly mind etc. Indian Vedic System term them as Indriyaan (important organs of the body).

However, modern virology science is defining that viruses are instrumental in the formation of cysts and tumours and also helping in resolving them by bringing out dead cells from within the body in the forms of eruption and phlegmatic discharges. Homeopathic Nosodes trigger the immune system and bring back the fight of disease which you may call the acute form of that chronic disease which some of the stalwarts of homeopathic philosophy already defined it with reference to Hahnneman's doctrine 'The organon of medicine'.

Now the case of Shahrukh, a boy of 10yrs. was operated 4 times in one teaching hospital of Mumbai and finally declared as incurable. His histopathology report from Tata Memorial Hospital No. 964B3 dated 11.1.2002 revealed that as spindle cell sarcoma while clinical diagnosis of that teaching hospital (K.E.M, Mumbai) was cavernous sarcoma from where his specimens were sent to cancer hospital. He came to me when his family was told that now he is unfit for any kind of treatment and that he is going to live hardly for few more days. That was how the despaired parents had brought him to homeopathy.
He came to us on 21.11.2003 needless to say that his condition was critical. His left hip joint was fused and the size of the tumour was like a football with engorged blood vessels, while he was emaciated and pale.
History revealed when he was 7 yr old, returning from school he fell down on the road and was injured in his left hip (gluteum). Though took all kinds of first aid measures his pain did not go, finally developed a soft tissue growth. Operated but that reoccurred again. Thereafter was again operated and the specimen sent to histopathology which came as suspected sarcoma. Now he was sent to that teaching hospital where he was operated for the third time but in spite of that major surgery his growth reoccurred again in more bigger size and involved not only tissues of the muscles but also tissues of the surrounding objects including veins.

This tumour had started growing inwardly inside his pelvis and upwardly like a cave. Means 3 part of the tumour was hidden inside his body while one fourth was on the surface. His veins were swollen and congested so much so that were pressing his rectum. At this stage 4th time surgery was carried out, this time not for curative purpose but was for investigating point of view. His biopsy material was taken from different parts of his body, muscles, facia, bones and cartilage etc. and were sent to cancer hospital where his final diagnosis was Spindle Cell Carcinoma. 

Now you imagine, where no hopes of his recovery even 1%, he recovered through homeopathy!!!
He was very weak, his mother was very sad and despaired but he was not. He was not having any anxiety or restlessness either. As I approached towards him to examine I saw the sudden change on his face as if my examination is going to hurt him. One cardinal symptom which I noticed , you can take it as a keynote symptom and which was what ??? If a rectum is half pressed whether due to engorged veins or may be due to prostate cancer (in case of males) what kind of stools he is going to produce. Now see in the repertory or read in keynotes.

Arnica 1m single dose stabilized this case, thereafter was a tough battle started and in spite of various remedies based on totality of the symptoms as clinical constitutional and miasmatic it looked whether we are going to loose the battle? Here my Nosodes came to his rescue. In this case Nosode-I has taken the crucial part. In his recovery Nosode -III and Nosode -X also participated with equal ranks. In my book 'Surgery without Knife' I used them as glossary of words, Nosode-I & II you know them. I have discussed about them in my various posts. Nosode-III is the BCG-num (Nosode of BCG vaccine). Nosode-X is the OPV-num (Nosode of Oral Polio Vaccine).
Do you know Shahrukh brought his BCG mark at the age of somewhere 11 yrs. Do you also know such kind of information about why and what are you going to get in your books of homeopathy? In every era doctors who loved humanity and felt it's pain, they have tried to find out solutions. I am also trying my best to do something similar on the same lines. The kind of problems we are facing in this era whether they are tumours or some kind of mysterious or irritating diseases whether due to tampering of genes or due to various other different causes. I found one link and which is why Shahrukh has formed his BCG scar at the age of 11 yrs. while he received it when he was an infant? So whether it is cavernous sarcoma or a spindle cell, my terminology to all such is BCG-OPV syndrome. And my way of treating such conditions is the Indian way 'The Homeopathic Panchkarma' i.e. the cleansing of toxins and morbid substances from within the body to help an individual to build its own self.

Shahrukh's pathology which was advancing from below to up returned downwardly as the growth of his hip and pelvis started reducing that nodular growth which started appearing over his back of the knee then it went further down to his heal and from there a white cheesy material like sarcoidal (colloidal) like material started excreting from his heal. And you know what a sarcoid material is and or colloidal, and how they are linked to TB. This is an art of Homeopathic Panchkarma. Shahrukh is now 20yrs. old young man, studying in an engineering collage of New Mumbai.

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