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Proudly announcing the launch of world's first COMPREHENSIVE online homeopathy consultation portal www.consulthomeopathsonline.com facilitating homeopaths to set up their own individual Online Homeopathic Clinics, and consult patients around the world sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices. A great meeting place for patients and homeopaths anywhere on the globe. Easy to use communication tools, payment gateways and interactive platforms.

This PORTAL is an ambitious joint venture project of SIMILIMUM ULTRA SOFTWARE as well as TGN TECHNOLOGIES, a prominent kochi-based IT company having proven expertise and experience in web designing, software developing, portal management and related technologies.

Once this dream project becomes a reality, and the homeopathic community accepts it, no homeopath will have to worry any more about 'income' or 'job opportunities'. They will not have to work any more as underpaid resident 'doctors' in allopathic hospitals. They will not have to even think about practicing allopathy. Homeopathy will flourish around the world. Each homeopath will have flourishing practice around the world. It may be only a dream now- but I am seriously working to make that dream come true!

Are you a QUALIFIED and REGISTERED homeopath? Do you know how to take case and select similimum? Are you confident you can cure patients coming to you? Do you have a computer and an internet connection?

Set up an ONLINE HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC and instantly become a flourishing 'international homeopath' consulting patients around the world, sitting in the comfort and ambiance of your home or office!

Most of the young homeopaths coming out of colleges find it a hard task to set up a clinic, establish practice and earn their living. They are much worried about 'government jobs', 'placements', 'salaries', 'opportunities', 'practice' and 'earning daily bread'. This constant worry leads them to a sense of insecurity, frustration and anxiety about future. They are compelled to work in allopathy hospitals as under-paid resident doctors. It is this frustration that leads them to practicing allopathy, and demanding permission to practice allopathy.

Even though there are millions of patients in remote places and even in foreign countries for whom homeopathy is still not available, it will be practically impossible for young homeopaths to migrate to such places and to set up practice.

We have to work hard to popularize homeopathy among the public and raise their awareness in a big scale internationally. People should be made to understand that homeopathy is far better than modern medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases, life-style diseases, metabolic diseases, environmental diseases, psychosomatic diseases, geriatric diseases, iatrogenic diseases, miasmatic diseases etc.

Raising public awareness is impossible with mere talk- it could be accomplished only by demonstrating the benefits and superiority of homeopathy, by showing convincing results in front of their eyes.

Our suggestion is, homeopaths should GO GLOBAL- set up ONLINE CLINICS and expand their reach around the world. Here is the relevance of our up-coming portal 'CONSULT A HOMEOPATH ONLINE', which promises to connect homeopaths with patients around the world in a big scale. Become an international homeopathic consultant. Join our dedicated PORTAL and set up an individual ONLINE CLINIC at a nominal investment. Consult patients around the world, sitting in the comfort and ambiance of your home or office. Collect your fee directly to your bank account. If you have no facilities to accept payments directly, we shall collect your payments and transfer it to you, if you desire so. Earn fortunes and reputation within a short period.

We will do everything for you- set up your clinic, provide facilities for online practice, promote and advertise your clinic. We will bring patients in large numbers to you from every nook and corner of the world. You can discuss your cases with other homeopaths on discussion forums. Only thing you have to do is, to CURE and SHOW results.

There are millions of people around the world, suffering from various types of complex chronic ailments such as auto-immune diseases, metabolic diseases, life-style diseases, psycho somatic diseases, geriatric diseases, iatrogenic diseases, miasmatic diseases and the like, for which modern medicine has utterly failed to provide cure. Homeopathy can do wonders in these cases. Problem is, quality homeopathy treatment is not available in most countries. They need homeopathy. These ailing millions really need the help of good homeopaths. They need your expertise. They are ready to pay nicely, if you can cure them. We are trying connect them with you, by helping to set up online consultation points over our portal 'CONSULT A HOMEOPATH ONLINE'.

Our upcoming portal 'CONSULT HOMEOPATHS ONLINE' will have an ADVISORY PANEL consisting of eminent homeopaths, senior practitioners, teachers and academicians from around the world, in order to provide EXPERT GUIDANCE to young homeopaths. Any homeopath who have set up an ONLINE CLINIC on our portal can select and personally contact the members of ADVISORY PANEL according to their preference for professional guidance and help for clearing their doubts and mastering the art of case taking, repertorization, selection of similimum, prescribing, follow up etc.

In order to ensure that unqualified and unauthorized people do not utilize this online clinic facility, we intend to make it mandatory that homeopaths should forward scanned copies of their qualifying documents and registration documents to obtain subscription to this portal. Homeopaths should be authorized to practice as per laws existing in their respective countries, to subscribe to our portal. Students of recognized institutions will be subscribed if they produce copies of course certificates obtained from heads of institutions they study.

There will be a special platform for private interaction exclusively between selected individual advisers and the members by way of case discussions and and video chats. This innovative facility is expected to be utilized as a great learning, training and skills-enhancing platform for newcomers and youngsters.

TGN TECHNOLOGIES will have a dedicated desk for day to day management of this portal. They will work as facilitators. As per my contract with TGN TECHNOLOGIES, I will work as their 'subject matter consultant' as well as super administrator of the portal. Portal will be widely advertised through visual media, print media and social network ads to raise public awareness of homeopathy, and to attract maximum number of patients from around the globe. List of homeopaths and their profiles will be displayed on the home page . Patients can select homeopaths from the portal home page, and go to the individual page of homeopath. It is a very elaborate venture.


If you purchase a copy of Similimum Ultra- Homeopathic Software before MARCH 17 by paying USD 150 (INR 9000), you will get a FREE subscription to this portal.


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