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Vidal Health physicians will examine patients, obtain medical histories, create and update patient records in EMR software, and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They will counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. They will interact with clients at their homes, over the telephone or on e-mail and address any concerns or doubts they might have about the treatment recommended either by the Vidal physicians themselves or by the consulting physicians.
Physician interactions with clients will include

1.       History Taking / Administering risk assessments
2.       Physical Examinations as per SoPsprovided/to be developed
3.       Documentation of Clinical and Non Clinical Processes
4.       Document client experience

In addition to client interactions, physicians will also perform the following tasks:
1.       lnput of Data into the EMR Software
2.       Providing inputs to service model design, SoP, Clinical Process Flow, and Operations plan
3.       Develop and support to training programs for team members
4.       Development of client feedback program
5.       Any other activity relevant to the role

Vidal Physicians are expected to
1.       Provide high quality of service in accordance with National Policies,
Guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures and Good Clinical Practices.
2.       Provide appropriate health education and counseling to the clients
whilemaintaining medical confidentiality.
3.       Examine the clients using the protocols, equipment and consumables
provided by the clinic, using standard procedures for the comfort of
the clients and universal precautions
4.       Ensure accurate, timely and reliable recording of all the required data
5.       Ensure that clinic and lab conditions (specimen, etc.) are maintained appropriately to support the work and ensure the safe andproper use of equipment
6.       Determine and maintain work routines of the team
7.       Compile and send timely activity reports to the supervisor
8.       Report and provide inputs required to standardize and stream line
9.       Willingly contribute and participate in training process
10.   Collaborate closely with the other teams within the company
11.   Refer clients to appropriate services, care and treatment, and other
healthcare and supporting services in consultation with the supervisor
12.   Ensure respectful use of all company property, intellectual or otherwise

honouring non-disclosure and confidentiality

Eligibility / Job description
No of positions
Assistant Physician
(Please refer the attachment)

Qualification: BHMS Doctor
Jayanagar Bangalore
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