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Sleeplessness in Children

Aconite – Sleeplessness, restlessness, feverish heat; continual tossing about from fear, fright, or anxiety.

Belladonna – Sleeplessness after weaning, with constant cries for hours and even days ; starts during sleep, as if in fright.

Chamomilla – Sleeplessness, with colic and screams, restless sleep or moaning, starting up, crying out, and tossing about during sleep.

Coffea – The child is so playful that it is hard for him to fall asleep; excitable and weakly children.

Cypripedium – The child is excitable, laughs and plays at unwonted hours ; is very wakeful, and laughs even in sleep.

Gelsemium – Sleeplessness, a wide-awake feeling during dentition, with violent itching of face, head, and shoulders ; face red.

Jalapa – Sleeplessness, with colic and screams.

Opium – Sleeplessness, with acuteness of hearing, which prevents sleep; or, instead of coffea, where the nurse is in the habit of drinking coffee.

Sticta pulmonaria – Sleeplessness, from nervousness or from cough.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – S. Lilienthal, M.D.

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