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AMMONIUM CARBONICUM---Big toe swollen and painful, worse by cold and wet weather.

BENZOICUM ACIDUM---Pain or lump or swelling in great toe with offensive URINE; better uncovering.

BORAX VENETA---Burning in great toe, balls of toes inflamed, hot URINE.

COLCHICUM ANTUMNALE---Swelling of great toe with sensitiveness to Tuch, worse motion.

DAPHNE INDICA---Right toe swollen and painful shoots upto the ABDOMEN and HEART, worse cold air.

ELATERIUM ---GOUTY pain in great toes ( Gnaph., ) worse damp and cold weather.

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM---Pain in under or fingers, shooting upward with tingling, numbness and BURNING, WORSE damp, cold weather.

LEDAM PALUETRE---Ball or great toe swollen with throbbing worse by heat.

PLUMBUM METALLICUM ---Pain in the Right big toe at NIGHT, worse touch.

PRIMULA VERIS---Pain in big toe and the THUMP,

RHODODENDRON---Pain and gouty swelling in great toe, better warmth and motion.

THALLIUM METALLICUM---TOES numb ( con.,Nat-m., Phos., Sil., Sulph. )!!!!!!!!!!!

RHEUMATIC; SOLES; Bar-c., Lyc., Puls., Zinc.; Aloes., Alum., Ant-c., Berb-v., Chr-ac., Led.!!!!!!!!

RHEUMATICt; HEELS;Am-c.,Am-m., Ant-c., Berb-v., Colch., Kali-bi., Lyco., Phyt., Sabin., Zinc., Valer., Puls., Chelin. !!!!!!!!

RHEUMATIC PAIN;TENDO-ACHILLES;Benz-ac., Cimic., Med., Mur-ac., Ruta., Thuj., Valer., Caust., Chin., Verat., Hedeo., Ign., KALI-bi! !!!!!!!!!!!

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