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KNEES and homeopathy by Dr-ayubkhan Khan

NATRIUM CARBONICUM---Pain and weakness in the knees and ankles, with SWELLING of HANDS in morning . Hollow of the knee painful ( caust., Lith -c. )

MELILOTUS ALBA---Pain and numbness; worse motion change of weather, damp and cold weather. 

RHODODENDRON--Pain and swelling in the RIGHT KNEE ; worse at night, in the morning, cold, wet and STORMY WEATHER.

SALICYLICUM ACIDUM---Pain and swelling, worse by touch and motion.

PULSADILLA ---Pain and Swelling in the knees; worse evening, warm room, on letting the affected Limb hang down( vip ).

KALIUM HYDROIODICUM---Pain in the knees with effusion ; worse at night, cold and Wet weather.

MANGANUM ACETICUM---KNEES swollen, painful and itch ; worse motion, cold and wet weather.

KALIUM CARBONICUM---SWELLING with stitching pain ; worse cold and at about 3 A.M

ELATERIUM---PAIN in the knees, Toes, thumps and fingers; worse cold and damp weather.

HIPPOMANES---PARALYTIC weakness in the joint.

JACARANDA CAROBA--- Pain in the right knee with STIFF MUSCLES in the morning.

COCCULUS INDICUS---Pain and swelling in the knees. Worse when FLEXED.


CAUSTICUM---Pain with contraction of the tendons ( Rhod., ) better warmth and wet weather.

CALCAREA FLOUR--- Pain and swelling of the knees with rigidity ; worse CHANGE of weather and rest. Better by heat and WALKING.

CALCAREA CARBONICA--- SWELLING of knees in FATTY CONSTITUTION with sweats, on the head & hand s; worse cold & damp weather.

BENZOICUM ACIDUM-- Pain and swelling, with offensive URINE. worse on uncovering and open Air.

APIS MELLIFICA--Oedematous SWELLING with a sore Skin and stinging pain ; worse touch and Heat, better by uncovering, open air and bath.

ARGENTUM METALLICUM---Pain in the knees and elbow with copious urine ; better in open Air.

PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA--Pain SHOTTTING, shifting, jerking, electric like Shocks; worse cold and damp weather. At nignt and motion.

RHUS TOX--- Pain with or without swelling, lumbago; worse at rest, cold and damp weather, better while walking.

"""ONLY RIGHT SIDE AFFECTED>>>JAC, Rhod., Bry., lyc., Bell., BENZ-AC.


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