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Rediscovery of Homoeopathy Vol. I

M.L. Sehgal

The present work, the most valuable and precious of Dr ML Sehgal's Revolutionized Homoeopathy, contains some of his seminal ideas besides giving a glimpse of new technique. Written first in the form of lectures for the benefit of some of his first students, these were later revised and published in the form of a book, the Red Book, to form the second edition. The text, published in great haste was full of mistakes of all sorts. Ms Alison Hargreaves of Dorset, U.K., a senior Homoeopathic student on a visit to Delhi undertook to edit it at the instance of Dr HL Chitkara. Her invaluable help is hereby acknowledged. In this new edition, the author has further revised the work, elaborating some of the ideas which evolved out of his experience and new thinking over the last 7 years. This book is more valuable because it brings together some of the most essential of the doctrinal part of the author's teaching in a more readable form for the first time.
Dated 14-07-1992. Sehgal Brothers

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104 pages, paperback
3rd edition: 1992
published by Sehgal Brothers
Printed in India.
File type: PDF

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