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is a computer program designed to guide you towards those families of remedies most indicated in your cases. Using whatever case
information you provide Families will analyse, match and determine which homeopathic families seem most similar to the case.

No repertory and no materia medica are used. Families operates directly on the data you supply – either the themes that you have determined after analysing a case or even a full case transcript. Underpinning all that Families does is a comprehensive database of words and expressions for many homeopathic families and miasms.
Due thanks, credit and acknowledgement must be given to the two homeopathic pioneers in this field whose work provided the basis, framework and inspiration for Families:
  1. § Jan Scholten for providing modern homeopathy with a system of understanding and using the elements and minerals represented in the
  2. periodic table.
  3. § Rajan Sankaran for his unique insights, initially into Plant families and Miasms and more recently with Minerals and Animals.
Thanks are also due to other teachers whose devotion to this subject continue to inspire and provide valuable information for us to apply in our practices:
Frans Vermeulen, Massimo Mangliavori, Roger Morrision, Harry van der Zee, Patricia Le Roux and Jayesh Shah.

Several aspects of Families are unique, for example:
· Use of information from many different homeopathic teachers
· Analysis of case data without the need to mark or prepare the data before
Getting Started.

Latest features in Families

Valuable chart of Kingdoms
  • Guides you towards the most likely kingdom
  • Confirms what you already think from the patient's gestures and demeanor

Significant family recognition improvements
  • Families are now detected with greater accuracy
  • More 'expressions' are used to reveal families
  • Sophisticated family comparisons are utilised

Simplified remedy display
  • Remedies are now shown by kingdom for easier comparison
  • Options have been consolidated to aid ease of use
  • Bright, colourful, easy to read remedy displays
  • See which theme words and miasm words a remedy has matched

Greater transparency
  • For any family you can see which matching words are in the case
  • For any remedy you can see which matching words are in the case

More families included
  • New families added include: Drug-like, Sugars, Alcohols and Terpenes
  • Lanthanides now fully included
MS.Net framework 1.1
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