I feel that every work from me had to be in demand first and authored latter. As for example the work in hand is the product of the demand for a seminar with me arranged by Homoeopathic convention committee of Bombay. They requested for a seminar which I was advised to agree to and I did.

Now the question before me was 'the period' of two days and how much of the new concept to cover. From where to start and where to end I was faced with a difficult situation to foresee the real expectation from me because I was to address the audience which was quite new to the subject.

My anxiety was how to be useful to them to the best of my capacity and understanding.

I decided to work out the basic briefs needed to learn the art of -prescribing as is named by us in every of our seminars 'Hit the right target'

But the brief exceeded its limits and took the shape of something more than that. It is presumed that even after decades of practice on this method one will feel the need of it not lessened in any way. As the average human memory is short lived it will serve as a ready reckoner for all the time to come.

Although after taking into account its volume it does not look to be a big work but it is believed that one who will master it, will feel fully equipped with the materia medica as a whole because it covers most of the frequently and generally expressed versions of the patients.

However nothing could be claimed as perfect in all respect and author will feel obliged if short comings are pointed out to him.

After going through it the patrons and the administration of the school found in it something of copyright value and the work which was intended to be presented to the host committee just as a paper had to be given the shape of a book. - See more at: http://www.printsasia.com/book/dr-sehgal-s-rediscovery-of-homoeopathy-rubrics-their-meanings-and-versions-of-the-patients-m-l#sthash.UaAMwmqg.dpuf


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