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Clinically experienced by Homoeopathician DrAnant Prakash Gupta

• EUPION: Right ovarian neuralgia, chronic tubal infection with profuse leucorrhoea (Palladium).

• XANTHOXYLUM: Left ovarian neuralgia (Oophoritis & salpingitis).

• AVIARE: For repeated cough and cold in tubercular diathesis (mostly children).

• CHEIRANTHUS: For all types of troubles during eruption of wisdom tooth.

• LAPIS ALBA: For benign and malignant tumors of less hardness (uterine) before ulceration has taken place 
MUR NAT - for hard uterine fibroids).

• ONOSMODIUM: Lost sexual life in women. Sexual desire completely destroyed.

• SCROPHUARIA NODOSA : As an intercurrent remedy in throat infections and endocarditis. Mitral stenosis.

• THALLIUM : For falling of hairs.

• WYETHIA : For chronic pharyngitis of teachers and singers.

• KALI CHLOR : Stomatitis.
• MYRICA Q : Almost specific for increase serum bilirubin (Hyperbilirunaemia).

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