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Editorial Team
Alan V. Schmukler (Chief Editor)
Manish Bhatia
Rochelle Marsden
Firuzi Mehta
David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
Leela D’Souza
Shirley Reischman
Edward De Beukelaer
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Published - 2013
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 Interview with the ASA Expert – Alan V. Schmukler
 Letters to the Editor
Homeopath in the Hot Seat
 Mike Bridger -Alan V. Schmukler
 Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas
The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy Presentation
 Contemporary College of Homeopathy -Mike Bridger
 The College Clinic: An Energetic Process – Shelley Payne, Alice Butcher and Maggie Fairclough
 Cancer and Carcinosin -Kay Templar, Alice Gifford and Chelo Polo
 Susceptibility -Helen Jefferies, Elle Welch, Simon James and Paloma Vazquez Santiago
New Papers
 Just One Drop – A Documentary Film About Homeopathy – Laurel Chitin
 Homeopathy in Hernia -Edmund Carleton
 Homeopathic Remedies in Infections -H.A. Roberts
 Tidbits, Part-5 -Elaine Lewis
 Questions Patients Ask-10 -Elaine Lewis
 Reversing Diabetes : Not a Dream Anymore -Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi
 July 2013 Tips and Secrets -Alan V. Schmukler
 The Story of a Classical Homeopath, Who Never Stopped Working - Kavita Singh
 Antioxidants: The Real Story – Gert E. Schuitemaker
 History of Homeopathy – Thank You Charles Niehaus – Iman Nawab
From The Clinic
 Looking for Appreciation and Peace -Kenneth Silvestri
 A Case of Hypothyroidism Cured with Classical Homeopathy -Dr. Krshnamurthy
 A Case of Endometrioma Responds to Homoeopathy -Sandeep Kumar Mishra
 A Case of Hydrocephalus -Pawan Pareek
 Case 1 from Sarajevo – Paralysis from a War Wound -Lucinda Torabi
 Case 2 from Sarajevo – Psychosis -Lucinda Torabi
 Burn Case -14 yr old Monk -Kyu Kyu Lwin
 Research on Homeopathy Part 7 -Robert Medhurst
Book Reviews
 Success of Homoeopathy Authentic Cures by Dr Subrata K Banerjea -Firuzi Mehta
 Crossword July 2013 - Alan V. Schmukler
More Than Words!
Cartoon – Mad Hatter – Alan V. Schmukler
 QUIZ -Elaine Goes to the Dogs! -Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
 Revisiting: Sleeping with Damp Hair  – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
 CHRONIC QUIZ – A Case of 100% Occlusive Thrombosis in Brachial Artery -Amarsinha Nikam
 Solution to the case of Spindle Cell Carcinoma  – Amarsinha Nikam
 Ask the Plant Doctor – July 2013 – Mark Moodie
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