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Clinical Tips

Baptisia Q: is a medicine for typhoid it can cut short the duration of typhoid and prevent complications and sequale of Typhoid.

Merc Sol 200: is a medicine for Dysentery and this can reduce duration of illness.

Crotaus Hor 30: is a medicine for ulcerative colitis and can space episodes of spouts of bloody dioarrohoea.

Merc Sol 200: is a medicine that covered almost all symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and thus it can reduce symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Acid Flour 30: is a medicine for osteoporosis and thus can reverse pathology of osteoporosis.

Nux Mos 200 & Acid Phos 200: are medicines that cover almost all symptoms of Diabetes mellitus thus it can arrest the progress of Diabetes Mellitus.

Iris Versicolar 1M: covers almost all symptoms of classical migraine thus it can prevent recurrence of migraine.

Theridion 30: covers most symptoms of Meniere’s Disease so it can abort an attack of vertigo in patients.

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