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Talk on drugs used in the summer season, name the Homoeopathic Remedy with Indication...

bell-sudden and violent complaints
Face; pain; burning; nose, Eyes; photophobia; dilatation of pupils, with, Mind; discomfort; heat agg., Mind; sun; agg., Face; sunburn; agg.
anguish,restless ,sun agg
NOSE - CORYZA - accompanied by - diarrhea - summer; in dulc.
NOSE - CORYZA - seasons - summer; in brom. dulc. Gels. sang.

Ambrosia. : Be given with full confidence during hay-asthma, with watery coryza, sneezing, lachrymation, great itching, smarting and burning of eye-lids, worse in summer, due to in-haling pollen (smell) of ripe grasses, sometimes associated with diarrhoea or dysentery.

Glon- Face bluish, flushed ,hot.Nose bleed on going out into the heat of the sun.

NAT. MUR. : Toothache : pressure; teeth too long, loose, dull; swollen cheek; 

burning, boring, beating; at night, before and after midnight; every other day; Spring and Summer; agg.

Alumina : Toothache, worse alter food; it came on every summer.

Nat. Carb. : Headache in the summer heats.

Kali-bi. : DIARRHEA - periodical in summer

MIND - CONFUSION of mind - sun; in the
MIND - RESTLESSNESS - light - sun; of the
HEAD - CONGESTION - sun, from exposure to
VISION - FOGGY - light - sun; of the
FACE - ERUPTIONS - rash - sun agg.
FACE - PAIN - burning - sun agg.; exposure to the
FACE - CHLOASMA - sun and wind agg.; exposure to
HEAD - WEAKNESS - walking, while - sun, in the
HEAD - PAIN - sore - sun, from exposure to

Cantharis... For sunburn with blistering. Great for other burns too.

Belladonna - Hot throbbing sunburn, sometimes with a throbbing headache

China - Dehydration Weakness and listlessness caused by loss of fluids after sweating (also following diarrhea and vomiting or failure to drink enough).

Ant. Crud. : - Cannot bear the heat of sun; worse from over-exertion in the sun (Lach., Nat. m.); < from over-heating near the fire; exhausted in warm weather; ailments from sunburn.

Nat mur 30c – Wonderful remedy for those who always get fever blisters on or near their lips after exposure to strong sun.

Canth. : Erythema from exposure to sun's rays

Usti. M : - Pruritus; sunburn.

Glon. : All symptoms - Aggravation.-In the sun, exposure to sun's rays

Nat. Mur : Hay fever: squirming sensation in the nostril, as of a small worm; brought on by exposure to hot sun or intense summer heat.

Mancinella : Pain as from a blow, all around the head; after long exposure to the sun

Aco. Nap. : In hysterical spasms, neuralgias, congestions, hæmorrhages, and effects of shock from injury or fright, the terrible mental distress characteristic of the drug must be the guide to its successful use; also after exposure to sun or great heat, with a plethoric appearance, some anæsthesia or great sensitiveness to touch, Acon. may be used always with mental anxiety and acute sensitiveness to pain.

Zinc. Met. :Head pain congestive, mostly frontal and temporal, with beating in forehead and temples, agg. stooping and exposure to the heat of the sun.

Lac. Can. : Vertigo < During and after sun exposure

Cad. Sulph : - Chloasma, yellowish stains on nose and cheeks; worse exposure to sun and wind.

Silicea : Most of patients complain of cold, damp feet, very often with offensive perspiration. Under any stress, the head becomes extremely hot and perspires; if it gets chilled at this time, the result is liable to be a very acute headache. In summer, a similar headache is very likely to be produced by exposure to the sun. The head becomes very hot and extremely painful, and the pain persists for hours after exposure.

Belladona : The headache comes on at 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon and persists right through the night.

The patients are much worse from using the eyes, particularly from turning the eyes or attempting to follow any movement.

Very often they not only complain of pulsation in the head but the pulse is visible beating in the temple.

The headache is relieved by firm pressure.

There may be a marked degree of mental excitement - it is always present in children, and children suffering from exposure to the sun are almost certain to become delirious during the night.

Lachesis mutus : Lachesis headaches occur most frequently during the menopause. In addition they occur from exposure to heat, sun, fright, shock or grief. Patients usually complain of a sensation of a rush of blood to the head.

China off. : Patients are worse from draft of air, touch and exposure to the sun.
Eugenia jambos : There is a general aggravation on exposure to sun and by closing the eyes.

A labourer aged about 45 after exposure to strong sun commenced making grimaces which ultimately resulted in unconsciousness with convulsions.

A few doses of Ononis q removed all such symptoms and produced a permanent cure.

Picric. Acid : patient gets particularly exhausted from exposure to the heat of the sun.

Selenium Met : Headache is located over the left eye and is always aggravated by exposure to sun and from inhalation of strong odors.

Kali Phos : Eye pain from facing the sun .

Cact. g. : Headache from exposure to sun , feeling of constriction and fullness, pressive headache at vertex, especially with menstrualderangements, or at the menopause.

Mercurius Sulphuricus: A good remedy for hay fever; note the sneezing on exposure to the least bit of sun (Agaricus).

There is a remedy called "Sol," which is prepared from lactose (milk sugar) exposed to direct sunlight. This is an excellent remedy for people who suffer from the least exposure to the sun, as the following observation shows.

Sun-stroke - Coup-de soleil : This is a kind of inflammation of the brain produced by exposure to the strong heat of the sun. It is quite common in India, and other warm 
climates. The head may be bathed with brandy, and a small quantity given internally occasionally, until the prominent symptoms are relieved.

Camphora officinalis : may be given, one drop at a dose, at intervals of five or ten minutes, to be followed after four or five doses have been taken, by Belladonna, alone or in alternation with Carb.-v., or Lachesis, half an hour apart.

Aconite : Acute blepharitis, worse by hot sun, or cold exposure of dry winds with reddening of eye-lids, feeling of sand in eyes, restlessness and thirst.

Lachesis mutus : Erythema aggravated from sun rays.

Calcarea carbonica : Hemi crania occurring in delicate or scrofulous constitutions, with irritable and obstinate dispositions, and attended with nausea and vomiting; aggravated, and frequently induced, by mental and bodily exertion, by exposure to the sun, or to cold and damp weather.

Agaricus m : Exposure to the heat of the sun caused violent vertigo.

Nat Mur : Great lassitude and vertigo from effects of exposure to sun.

Nat carb : - In sun, vertigo; dulness in head; exposure to, causes vertigo and great lassitude.

Leprominium: the Leprosy nosode : Vertigo with nausea, aggravated by opening the eyes and by exposure to the sun. Weak feeling and blackout. Premature graying of hair. Alopecia. Hemicrania.(Prakash Vakil)

Calc. Sulph : Headaches from exposure to the sun and after fasting.

Bursa pastoris :
Headache all day.
Some leucorrhoea.
Eyes feel swollen.
Worse from labor and exposure to sun.

Achyranthes calea : Aphthae which result from exposure to the sun or indigestion.
Arg. Met : - Mostly the headaches have been on the right side - the one-sided headaches. Those broken down patients that have become prostrated and over-wrought by exposure to the sun.

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